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    This is about as Alternative as it gets....I do think it is the right fish though...LOL

    [ame= L8]Clever Bird Goes Fishing - YouTube[/ame]

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    Nice Green Heron! I've never seen one do that before, and I've photographed many of these guys out there. Thanks for sending that!

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    She finally matched the hatch with the right size fly(bread). That was Amazing! Great video! Absolutely super cool! Thanks.
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    I have tied flies to spools of line and tossed them over the side of the boat and hand lined for sunfish. You can do what ever works as long as its legal. I've heard of using plain hooks with small plastic worms or grubs and corn.

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    I personaly think gill fishing is the best way to start someone on a fly rod. The action keeps their intrest and if you in a boat its alot easier to learn how to cast. We catch 99.9% of our gills,bass,red eyes,perch,and crappies on simple yellow craft foam flys with centipede legs. A moring of 50 each is average . I own a Ranger tour boat and it gets used for gill fihing more than serious bass fishing because my grand daughter loves to catch gills. when the water cools down and goes sub surface any trout nymph will do.

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