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  1. Default what 6 weight for smallies

    give me some suggestions on 6 weights for smallies. I am looking at St Croix Legend Elite Saltwter? Thanks

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    Might want to check out the Sage Bass Smallmouth version. It's 7'9" but it chucks some big heavy bugs with ease. Only comes in 1 length so if you want something longer this isn't the one.

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    Default Re: what 6 weight for smallies

    It really comes down to which rod you like casting best.SMB dont require anything special as far as tackle goes.Ive caught more on my old Sage 690 RPL than any other rod I own.I also fished a Loomis IMX years ago and it did just fine.If I still fished for them I would probably use a Fenwick 806 glass rod or a Redington Predator.They are both fun rods to play with.The SC your looking at will fit the bill.It just depends on what rod fits your casting style.They all work.

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    Default Re: what 6 weight for smallies

    Quote Originally Posted by SkipS View Post
    .They all work.
    Very true. The whole Sage Bass Rod thing though is just for staying under tournament length. Not the feature I would look for in a rod. Well if you plan to do the Bass Tournament trail maybe.

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    Default Re: what 6 weight for smallies

    Just some rehash of what I said in the past about short vs long rods for bass.

    If you plan on making shorter casts (those within 45 feet or so) with a floating line, it's hard to beat the short rod.

    If you plan on casting a variety of distances with a variety of line types, you should err towards the long rod.

    With that out of the way, I cannot comment about the St. Croix rod.

    Here are a few rods that you ought to cast:

    Premium (over $600)
    Hardy Zenith
    Hardy ProAxis
    Scott S4

    Mid Price Point
    Sage VXP
    Scott A4

    Lower Price Point (Under $300)
    Redington Predator

    There are other good rods out on the market. Others will mention them.


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    Default Re: what 6 weight for smallies

    Really low price point is Albright's topwater for $75. I have one I keep as back up / loaner rod and it's caught many bass. Nothing flashy but it does the job nicely.

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    Default Re: what 6 weight for smallies

    I have a Redington Predator in a 6wt which I use primarily for my streamer rod for trout but in the spring I use it for smallies that are running up the rivers. It is a short rod but has no problem zinging line out at good distances with fairly bulky, heavy flies.

    - Tyler

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    Check out the Orvis Helios!

    The lightest and best action rod in the world. 5, 6, 7, or 8 will work great for smallies.

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    The clouser from TFO. fast action but softer tip for presentation.
    I use the 10 weight for pike. Casts very accurate even with big flies.

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