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  1. Default muski flrod echo ion vs echo 2 10 weight

    ok want to buy 10 weight which on bothe Echo. The Ion or a lightly used Echo 2. Both 10 weight. Cannot test cast. Thanks for input

  2. Default Re: muski flrod echo ion vs echo 2 10 weight

    I have an echo 2 in a 6 wt...undoubtably one of my favorite rods to cast. I regret not buying it in a 7 or 8 since the 6 is a little light for my primary quarry. I have not tried an ion, but have a 6 wt ion I just picked up and will try it soon. The echo 2 is a flat out sweet rod though.
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    Default Re: muski flrod echo ion vs echo 2 10 weight

    I own a couple Ions in 6 and 7 wts. I think they are sexy looking rods and for the price they are real hard to beat.

    My only complaint with them is they are pretty heavy. I have no experience with the Echo 2. I did just pick up an Echo 3. Still in the judging phase.

  4. Default Re: muski flrod echo ion vs echo 2 10 weight

    My one comment is dont buy anything without testing it. You wouldn't buy a car with out test driving it. No matter what anyone says. You are the only one that matters and only you can decide if you like it. Find a way to cast the rod, or go to a local shop and throw what they have. Better to get a rod you like than risk buying one you think you will.

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