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Thread: Small warmwater stream

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    Default Small warmwater stream

    I got out yesterday for a couple hours to see about catching some fish since it has been awhile due to a geology/archaeology research trip to Peru I went on with my wife. I have been jones'n to get out, I really want to go all day sometime soon, but that just wasn't in the cards for yesterday. I fished early (but not too early) 9 - 11AM to beat the heat of the day. It has been getting pretty hot and humid here in middle TN during the late afternoon recently. The water temperature was somewhere around 70 (guess, I didn't actually have my thermometer, its in my vest - hasn't made the switch to the new chest pack). Either way, it felt awesome for wet-wading.

    Second cast, I caught this little Longear.

    The bream didn't like any movement of the popper as they usually do. They would usually either hit it immediately or just swim over and stare then usually swim off. I saw a much larger Longear guarding a bed in some gravel. I thought it was kind of late in the year for eggs, maybe he was just guarding his turf. I left him alone just in case.

    Next big pool up had a large overhanging tree. I thought there has got to be a fish hanging out under there. One cast and this fiesty little largemouth came up. He was jumping all over the place, made for a fun little fight even though he is small.

    I fished some faster water for a bit trying to find a smallie, but just kept hooking stinky chubs so I moved on. Before leaving I fished a big deep pool caused by a bend and a downed tree. I spoted some really nice largemouths hanging around some rocks along the side, so I put on a black leech and tried to catch a bigger fish. As I watched one of them suck the fly in its mouth and spit it out quicker than I could even set the hook, d-a-m-n that was fast!!! I kept trying when this little rock bass came out and committed. I landed him, but he definitely spooked the bigger fish.

    All together I probably landed about 5 bream and the two bass. Next time I plan to fish that hole first with some larger hardwear and probably even earlier in the morning.

    Thanks for checking out my post!
    Until next time, JR.

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    nice catch. that looks like a rock bass on the end there, right?, which are always fun. but its interesting how small fish can be on fly and still a blast.
    i go out every night, (unless the weather sucks) and fish. mostly bring it panfish, and though they arent the bass i want, they fight like hell, and so i play them.

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    Default Re: Small warmwater stream

    I always keep the flyrod gear in the van, padded case, stashed under the seat-just-in-case
    lots of small water around here with fish, lots!

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    Default Re: Small warmwater stream

    SB - yes, that is a rockbass or as some call them a "red eye"

    cwg - I used to keep lots of my gear in my trunk, but had my car broken into a couple years ago in SLC and lost my two favorite rods, both gifts. It was back when I was guiding a lot and I had LUCKILY taken my "guide" bag with tons and tons of reels, flies, etc. inside that night to organize. The rods, while sentimental, were relatively easy to replace, had I lost the bag I do not think I would have recovered still. I do like your idea of keeping a rig ready in the car. Maybe I should get a cheap set-up with one well-stocked box for this reason. Another thing, where you do live?

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    i second guess my guess at the fish species. it might a warmouth? another post had a very similar fish that someone identified the fish to be a warmouth

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    Default Re: Small warmwater stream

    The difference between the two is in the anal fin: warmouth have three spines on the anal fin ray and rock bass have six spines.
    That appears to have six.  8088
    Great Fishing
    Der Alt Jaeger
    Chuck S

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    Default Re: Small warmwater stream

    It has been so long since I have fished the small streams. I miss it. One of my favorites was a small stream in NC that was full of smallmouth bass.
    Actually found that all streams that were marginal for trout had smallmouth bass in them.

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    Default Re: Small warmwater stream

    Great pictures, especially the first. Never caught that species. The stream in the back ground of a couple of the pictures look like a great wet-wading stream.
    - William

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    Default Re: Small warmwater stream

    I too live in Middle TN and fish small streams mostly. I am embarrased to say that I have yet to get out. The streams that I fish must have about 15 different species of sunfish including LM and SMB. The biggest panfish I usually catch are the rock bass and they seem to like craws the best around here. The other panfish will take them but they seem to like poppers, spiders, and soft hackles better. Even the chubs will hit the craft foam spiders well. I have never seen any carp in my creeks but I would sure like to find some.

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