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    Thank you all for your advice. I was at the nearest Bass Pro Shops this weekend and was looking in what they call their "fly shop" and found a Hobbs Creek 9' 6wt 2pc on sale for 39.99 (normally 89.99). For that price you can't loose. If it's too light for bass I'll just get a heavier rod. It also got me thinking about the builder I know that owes me... I might have him build me a shorter 3wt or 4wt rod for trout fishing in streams.

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    Default Re: Fly Rod recommendations for bass???

    Best bang for your buck ! Is the Echo edge in 8ft 4 in.In line weight of your choice 6,7,8, with rio grand line ,lite and cast $200. And hands
    down better than TFO Bvk. Cast one before you buy anything else choice of 2 different size grips.

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    I love my 9' 8 weight I just got.
    Sage advice here. I use a 6 weight but if you buy an 8 weight, will you trade it to me???

    The 6 weight will do my clousers, buggers, and big poppers up to about #6....but honestly the #2 and bigger are hard for me to cast on it, and I suspect it's more than just my very novice casting skills because the fly line appears to not really want to turn those suckers over too well. Especially the lead clousers......those lead guys are in a different category. To me a #2 lead clouser is like a 1/0 or 2/0 non-lead fly.

    Since I live on the mighty Potomac river and the #2 clouser is a great fly for this river, I really really wish I had the 8 weight rod instead. The 6 is fine if you're only hitting smallmouth, but even then you'd be fine with the 8 since these fish are not line/leader shy.

    You'll be happier with the 8 -- go for it! Don't be foolish like me!

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