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    Default River Camping Trip

    A few weeks back me and a group from our state kayak fishing fourm did our early fall river camp. It's a cool group of people from many walks of life that came in from all over of the state. There were 15 of us this trip. Actually had a couple of flyfishers this time, though for most, fishing isn't the main concern. Me - I fish.

    My first interesting fish of the trip - Rio Grande cichlid, a native of the Rio Grande drainage in Texas and Mexico, it has been been introduced in other Texas rivers. They are fighters, you'll think you have a much bigger fish on.

    Lots of plastic - we have most of the brands and models covered.

    Like most of the river in this area, it is surrounded by ranches

    The Guadalupe x Smallmouth hybrid. No pure Guadalupe Bass are left here, and as sad as that is, the hybrids are beautiful fish and are great fighters too.

    There's a large island 8 miles from the put-in that will hold a big group. Here's my tent and veiw.

    One of my things was to have a big fire. With the drought we've had burn bans in place most of the last few years, but some recent rains allowed them to be dropped just in time.

    And dinner -

    We had a great time sitting around the fire talking and visiting. It was fun to listen to all the conversations, older guys talking about their military days in the '60s and the younger ones talking about being old, at 30.

    The fishing wasn't great, low water that was a bit stained, but guys like this kept us from getting bored.

    It was a nice relaxing trip with people that I really enjoy getting out with.
    Can't beat that.

    "I don't go to the river to fish, but I do quite a bit of it while I'm there." - Riverbilly

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    Great post!!!!! those are some awesome fish! I wish there were some Rio Grande Cichlids around here! thats a cool lookin fish!
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    Default Re: River Camping Trip

    That looked like a great trip billy, I love float trips.


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    Default Re: River Camping Trip

    Hi riverbilly.
    A nice stretch of River,Nice Fish,Friends over here have Hobies similiar to the ones you guys have.
    I bet it was fun with your Climate in Texas.

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    Default Re: River Camping Trip

    Wow, I have to agree, what a nice trip! Thanks for sharing.

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    Default Re: River Camping Trip

    what a great report! looks like you guys had a great time



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    Default Re: River Camping Trip

    Billy, Thanks for sharing the fun trip experience with us. There is nothing more fun than enjoying the outdoors with friends. I am envious of the great camp food...I usually end up with re-hydrated stuff

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    Default Re: River Camping Trip

    Nice post Billy. Looks like a great float trip with some cool looking fish! I especially like that cichlid very cool looking and you say they fight good that's for me. Thanks for sharing.
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    Default Re: River Camping Trip

    Great trip report and pictures. I used to have those "Texas Cichlids" in large aquarium built into my wall. I know they can get to 3 lbs with the right food

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    Default Re: River Camping Trip

    Great report and pics Billy...thanks for sharing

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