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    Where are those pics @brookfieldangler

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    Read the header and had to do a huge laugh!! A good laugh as it took me back many years to a golf course.

    On Holiday and (ex wife) Joan and I have first tee time on a course in White Fish Montana (think I got that right). Cook and one other person .. he turns out to be the owner of the place.

    Chat, ate breakfast together, 'why such an early tee time?' because we're both really bad and don't want to hold up play.'

    Talk fishing over breakfast, 'Want to fish here?'

    'Say what????' All the water haz's were stocked with rainbows for bug control (miskits). 'Just stay off the fairways, late in the afternoon/early evening quite a few of the players have had too much to drink.' C&R, but 3-6 pound trout on a 5wt, BONKERS!! Total BONKERS.

    Vacation plan was to be there for a couple of days, extended to five and took fellow and 'sig-other' to dinner a couple of nights. Worth every penny, every penny. Corresponded for years until he passed away. Bad part was I found out too late to go to the funeral.

    Heck of a guy in every respect of the term.

    Frederick A. Evans
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Welcome to the world of Fly Crying

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    Quote Originally Posted by troutbanger20 View Post
    Where are those pics @brookfieldangler wrapped up with a work function last night and wasn't able to get any pictures. The worm looks a lot like this one

    Wonder-Ful Worms For Smallmouth Bass - A Fly Fish Ohio Reader Contribution

    but the one I am tying doesn't have an exposed hook point much like a texas rigged senko.

    I'll sit down and see if I can get an SBS done tonight
    Less likey, more green dots

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    Thank you and take you time

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    Here is the senko fly SBS

    Senko Fly
    Less likey, more green dots

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    thanks, probably going sunday or monday ill share my results

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    I'm amazed they let you fish on the golf course. My favorite place to fish for Brookies when I was growing up was on a private dude ranch in the mountains in Colorado. Very close to my home. I got Brook Trout in there that were so big you would think I was telling tall tales. A local ski area very near it bought the ranch. They put giant condos all over it and my spot now runs through a golf course. They do not allow fishing. Last time I looked at it you could see fish cruising around in it that would give most of us a heart attack.

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    Growing up in an area with many public golf courses as a kid I had many " techniques" for fishing the ponds. Most successful was my "extra " club in my golf bag! If you put a club cover over a reel it looks just like another club . Some of the biggest bass I ever caught were out of these ponds . Grass carp of monstrous proportions were the highlite of our childhood adventures!
    And in the summer when we needed money there was a course right next to the fanciest restaurant in town . Many bullfrogs and snapping turtles fit into my newspaper bag and made their way to the cooks entrance of the restaurant!
    Great memories luckily we never got caught!

    ---------- Post added at 02:48 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:47 PM ----------

    Frogs love red flys!!
    "I was born to fish" Lee Wulff
    "There's more B.S. in fly fishing then there is in a Kansas feedlot." Lefty Kreh
    " It ain't over till it's over." Yogi Berra
    "Your not old,you've simply acquired a patina." Swirlchaser

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    Golf course ponds can be a Gem. I have one near me that I fish on occasionally and have caught some hawgs out of them. They close the course on mondays for maintenance so I usually dont have issues with getting on the course. Leech and clouser patterns have been primary flies.
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