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Thread: Looking for a new fly rod...

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    You indicated that your current rod seems too long for your fishing conditions. I fish small creeks with brushy banks and lots of overhanging limbs. I have gone to a 2wt 6' rod for panfish and bass and some other warmwater fish. I fish small poppers, spiders, wetflies, and streamers including clousers with small lead eyes but mostly beadchain eyes. My 6 footer fishes much better than my 8.5 foot 5wt in these creeks. I was always hung in the trees. I am not an outstanding caster but can still cast up to 50' with little trouble and 40' is effortless. I really like the 6' 2wt TFO and use it 100% of the time except in the salt. If you want to throw big flies to bass get a 7wt or bigger. There is no such thing as a one rod to do it all. A 5wt is a good average rod. For panfish I would not recommend anything heavier than a 5wt. unless you like backcasting bluegill. Just my thoughts.

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    Default Re: Looking for a new fly rod...

    I have a 6wt, and it hardly gets used. My 9wt hasn't been used in several years. Either the 2wt or 3wt...those a my favorites.

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    I'm in the same boat cjam93. Recently fished a spring creek with some choked up areas (high banks, overgrown on the sides, some areas with overhanging trees). The 9' felt like it was too long. But after a day of fishing with a 7'6" I was wanting back everything I lost (distance, height on the backcast over the banks/water, control over the brush, line control on the water...)

    What I gained for getting into those few tight areas, was nothing compared to the grief I got fishing the rest of the 70% . Some holes were too far and I don't like wading out to reach them—I'm just not that graceful or tall! Turns out, simply re-thinking how I approached the cast and position got me into those tight spots with the 9. Although I was able to make my 9' work, I still find myself thinking of getting an 8 or 8'6 (other than my 3wt) in a 4 or 5wt.

    That 4 should be okay for bass. Like others have said you can throw larger flies (to a certain point) with a more stout leader (bass don't seem that picky about presentation). But for me the key is getting it where it needs to be and sometimes getting a good clean drift on some flies. I go after most of my bass from a kayak so a 9' is key to keeping line off the water on back casts.

    Well, don't let me be the first guy to talk you out of a new rod. Sure you can make the 9 work. And you can make the 8' 4wt work. As for the 8'6" or an 8', most folks told me to go with the extra length for all the reasons above.
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    I was in the same boat as you. I ended up going to the Orvis Store in Sevierville while I was on vacation just to look around. Spent a little time talking to one of the sales guys and he took me outside and let me cast. I ended up bringing home Clearwater 8ft 6in 5wt. I love it. To me it was worth the extra money I spent over some others I had looked at simply because I got to try it out and got some one-on-one casting instruction. Might be something to look at.

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