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Thread: Carpin

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    What is this cornball fly you speak of!?

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    Also, I might have to get a few flouro furled leaders from you, soon.

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    I don't use fluoro for the leaders, but Kevlar. I do use fluoro for the tippet in 3' to 5' lengths. PM me an address.
    The Corn ball is a Yellow chenille Glow Bug with a white softhackle collar. There was a tutorial on how to tie somewhere here. I will look around.

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    I usually use a small shrimp like pattern for tailing fish, can't think of the out nicely though. Caught this one on a 7 weight Access.

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    Nice! I have an 8 weight Access rod that I use, myself. I do have another curious question though. Do any of your catch them on the swing at all?

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    Yes. Also while slowly stripping line in. There is a short time that the Carp are not spooked by anything and just hungry. Not a long period, but I find that later April or shortly after ice off.

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    Ice just moved from my river, but I haven't caught anything yet. Of course, we have crazy weather that goes from 25 degrees one day to 60 degrees the next.

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    It really depends on their main forage. On the Columbia...i have caught maybe 5 fish in 9 years by feel (swinging, stripping, etc). I went to ID last spring, and 50% of the carp I caught were landed by blind stripping leeches. If they are active and feed on items they have to hunt down you are in business.
    John Montana

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    Is strange how two similar rivers with same species can have such different forage eating habits...

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    That is a big key point Delopez. I've caught carp in 7 states, and every single fishery was notably different. While a lot of flies will work in a lot of places (carp can and do eat just about anything) there really is no magic fly for all locations. That said...there is probably a magic or go to fly for your location. You just have to figure out the main forage and go from there in my opinion. Out here, I catch about 80% of my carp on this:

    I think the worm tail is often taken for the extended foot of a clam. I caught this big guy on the fly above:

    Good luck'll get 'em this spring!
    John Montana

    Carp on the Fly

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    What is that? Damselfly representation? Dragonfly?

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