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Thread: Carpin

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    I have been fishing a generic green soft hackle for just looks buggy. Added the tail on the suggestion of a buddy and it has worked great. The thing to keep in mind is that carp really don't use vision as their primary sense for feeding. They do at times, and there are tons of examples, but as a general rule they "graze" and use their sense of taste to sort through food. I think a general pattern with multiple visual cues is likely to be effective. In the case of the hybrid, the fish can see an aquatic worm, a clam foot extended, a general nymph pattern...or specific nymphs like damselflies etc. not to belabor the point, but the forage matters. If you learn the primary forage it is way easier to come up with some effective visual cues.

    My favorite fly might be totally useless where you fish...I know when I go to lake MI I don't fish soft hackles. I have caught carp in lake MI on soft hackles, but usually get a much better reaction from something that resembles their primary forage (gobies or crayfish).

    The fun part is figuring this out n your water...
    John Montana

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    I'm focused on one particular lake, but almost every lake I have around has carp in it. So... Yeah...

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    The lake that I most frequently visit has Asian carp, common, and grass. Also, drum, catfish, sauger, crappie, lmb/smb, white bass, gar, etc. but, aside from hoppers in the fall, I haven't really noticed any bugs. I have seen many bull frogs, a clam or two from the drought this year, and the water is mud based, so it's very, very murky... There are shad and shiners in the lake for forage fish. There could very well be sturgeon and other fish as well that I'm not aware of...

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    Quote Originally Posted by delopez View Post
    Nice! I have an 8 weight Access rod that I use, myself. I do have another curious question though. Do any of your catch them on the swing at all?
    Never fished a river for carp. I've caught all my carp stripping flies though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john montana View Post
    That is a big key point Delopez. I've caught carp in 7 states, and every single fishery was notably different. While a lot of flies will work in a lot of places (carp can and do eat just about anything) there really is no magic fly for all locations. That said...there is probably a magic or go to fly for your location. You just have to figure out the main forage and go from there in my opinion. Out here, I catch about 80% of my carp on this:

    I think the worm tail is often taken for the extended foot of a clam. I caught this big guy on the fly above:

    Good luck'll get 'em this spring!
    That fly kills. I use one exactly like it with orange sparkle for the majority of my carp fishing.

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    This has been a great thread. I vote for a Carp Forum! I have been to other site that have one and it's great stuff like this. Neat to learn what other use and do with this awesome fish.

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    I like the carp section idea.

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    This one was caught on a 6 wt with a 300 grain shooting head. A 2/0 Clouser tied to imitate a blue back herring did the trick. It was caught in a soft backwater of the upper Hudson River, where large carp will congregate to feed in early spring. They generally are large enough to inhale good size offerings. I generally will fish a baitfish pattern or crayfish slowly on the bottom. Direct contrast to other rivers where I 've used chironomid and midge larvae patterns with a 3 wt. and long leaders, as if they were fussy trout. I've spent a few decades chasing them on the fly, only recently have I had more than a rare few that appreciated them. I do love getting them on dries the best, whether it's mulberries, cottonseeds, or beetle patterns or more rarely, a hatch. I've caught them imitating quite a few aquatic organisms, but clams has'nt been one. Most common and productive for me are crayfish imitations. I hope to try some clams when visiting Lake Isabella in Calif.; it's fly of choice there. As I chase steel and salmon and salt species, I have no illusions that carp outfight other fish- they do hold their own and large ones, usually will present great challenges in stealth and presentation. Good thread, I hope there is a section started for carp specifically.


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    Who do we need to approach to address having a carp only section started. Maybe we could include all 'rough' species including cats. suckers, drum and maybe others. Any thoughts.

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    I agree, a carp forum would be very good news .

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    I got out for a bit this morning and the game is on!!!! Two bass and four carp

    Same FLY

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    havent had the time yet to get out but yesterday night i saw many mud puffs in my normal carp hole. this brought much happiness to me, especially since i found out my fly-carpin swap flies are lost in the mail.
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