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    I am going to start doing some fly fishing out of my kayak. It will be mostly for spotted bass ,bream and the occasional white bass. I am wondering what weight rod and reel would be good. and I do not want to break the bank either so some good suggestions on a rod and reel i could get for under $150would be great also.

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    If there's a chance you'll be into large bass I'd get a 7 or 8wt. Check out Albright Fly Fishing, they have some rods/reels that will help you stay in budget. Otherwise, check fly shop closeouts or Cabelas/Bass Pro.

    Welcome to the forum by the way.
    - William

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    Thanks! I have been fishing on this lake my whole life with friends and family and have neve seen a bass over 6lbs come out of it. It is more of a crappie lake.

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    I just got my Albright GPX 9'6" 7/8 in the mail today.. Looks like a sturdy rod.. the extra length would be perfect for a kayak.. you should check'em out..

    As for the size of bass.. it's still a good thing to have a heavier rod for bass.. especially if you're chucking streamers/poppers into heavy cover like lily pads and weed beds.. you'll be able to pull them out of the cover a lot easier

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    I use an Eagle Claw Featherlite in my kayak. Have less than $100 in the entire outfit, so if I loose it I'm not out too much. The short length isn't a problem for me, if the casts are too short all it takes is another stroke of the paddle to get closer.

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    Echo 84 in 7wt.

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    Anything over 7' will work in a yak. I would suggest an 8' or longer but no heavier than a 7wt. For bream a 5wt is plenty heavy and a 7wt is over kill and you will be back casting the small ones. If you spend 30 to 40$ on a reel it should be more than sufficient. I personally use 45yr old Plueger Medalists. Even with moderate abuse they will last a life time but they are a little heavier than some of the new cheapies and I suspect they will last many, many years if not abused. Eagle Claw markets some cheap glass rods that will probably do what you want and a glass rod will take much more abuse than graphite. I use both and graphite is great if you don't abuse it. Fishing in a yak can be a little rough on gear so you might want to consider that. I will say that I am looking to buy a yak and also intend to use my graphites from it.

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    I went to Bass Pro today and got a White River CV2 rod. It is A 7wt and was on clearance so I figured $25 was not to bad a price for it. While I was there I got a look at some of the large arbor redington surge reels. I think I may get one of them to go on my new rod.

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    tough to beat a $25 fly rod... not much to lose.. plenty to gain

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