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bmbailes 01-16-2013 02:57 PM

reel sizing for us warmwater guys:)
i just thought about this....say your a warmwater creek, pond, river guy. do you always go with a reel sized for your rod?? in other words, say you buy a 7 wt. rod for you buy a 7/8wt. reel to match? im starting to think of down sizing my next reel by at least one size. i dont need tons of backing or a half empty spool from the lack of. bass and panfish....heck even the trout i fish have never got into my backing.

lets hear your thoughts guys

stl_geoff 01-16-2013 03:11 PM

Re: reel sizing for us warmwater guys:)
I tend to pair the reel size based off pysical size of the reel itself if its a heavier rod. For the smaller reels and lighter weight rods, I tend to go with smaller reels for creeks because of the reason you mentioned, no need for lots of backing. However if Im in a creek where I know I have a shot at carp i will bring a heavier rod then normal with lots of backing as a just in case.

ditz 01-16-2013 07:16 PM

Re: reel sizing for us warmwater guys:)
What ever size reel I use I will make sure the reel is full so I put backing on all my reels. Do I need the backing? Mostly no but you never know and it is better for the fly line to not be would up tight on a small arbor. I will say that I generally use reels a little larger than needed. I prefer a loaded reel to slightly over balance the rod.

bigjim5589 01-16-2013 10:27 PM

Re: reel sizing for us warmwater guys:)
I've never given much thought to going smaller with a reel, and generally stick to reels that are sized for the rod/line. Balance as ditz has said is something to consider. I don't want my rod to feel top heavy, and like him prefer a bit of over balance on the reel end. I have come to prefer large arbor reels too, simply because of the fact is helps reduce those tight loops of line on the reel, and of course aids in retrieving line a little faster.

For the most part, I want a reel that has more capacity than I may need, because my reels do double duty, for warmwater & tidalwater, where I may encounter fish species that warrant the additional backing, so I use reels that are made for that rod/line sizing or a larger reel.

My 10 wt has an 11/12 wt reel on it for that very reason. I may never need the extra backing, but it's there in case I do.

I guess you have to make a judgement whether or not you really need the size reel or can make due with a smaller reel. :)

wabi 01-17-2013 07:30 AM

Re: reel sizing for us warmwater guys:)
I've found reel capacity can vary greatly from one manufacturer to the next, and even quite a bit between reel models. One rated 3/4 may hold plenty of line & backing for a 4wt and another brand/model may be filled with just a 4wt line alone.
I tend to lean toward picking a size that will hold plenty of backing. For a 3wt rod I may go with a 3/4 or even a 4/5 if I'm unsure.

revor 01-18-2013 03:29 PM

Re: reel sizing for us warmwater guys:)
New guy here.
I normally put a number two reel on a 5-6-7 wt rod and a 3 on a 7-8-9 wt rod etc. but a recent foray into the world of split bamboo is making me think about another aspect of the fly fishing "system" and that is balance. An example would be my Phillipson 9' 6wt. It's a heavy rod compared to my graphite sticks. When I put a #2 reel on it it feels mighty front heavy with a #3 it seems much better..

ditz 01-19-2013 12:30 PM

Re: reel sizing for us warmwater guys:)
Revor....If you are looking for more weight in a reel but not more size you might try one of the new Pfleuger Medalists. The 1500 series are heavier than the 1400 series reels and but they have an exposed rim. The original USA made reels were the best but no longer available new. They then went to Japan and they were real junk. For the last few years they have been made in China (which upsets me) but the quality approaches the USA made reels. I have 3 of the new China reels and they are very serviceable and I believe they will last many years of heavy use and abuse.

turbineblade 01-19-2013 12:43 PM

Re: reel sizing for us warmwater guys:)
I tend to just use whatever matches the rod (or was sold with the combo).

I never require backing and just use it to take up space and keep the fly line from wrapping in tiny, kinky loops on the arbor.

I really don't think fly reels are very important for trout and most warmwater fishing. Just put one on, spool it, and forget about it.

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