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    Default Re: Need help: Strategy session for very weedy local pond/lake

    Cool, thanks! I PM'd you before I scrolled down and saw the pictures....

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    Oh, and went back today to try again, this time in the rain, temps about 45.... I was prepared so it was perfectly comfortable, enjoyable fishing, but no luck again. I fished the bendback fly I had in olive/white. Still waiting on some new stuff to come in... I really like the near-nuff sculpin, but I'm afraid it will just get hung up in the weeds. I did try a black mouse imitation tied with deer hair, but there was no surface action to speak of today. I broke my polarized clip-ons so I couldn't see as much, but the one fish I did see was deep in the weeds in the shallows cruising around. I tossed worms (texas rigged) as well, no luck there, either.

    Anyhow, here's a shot from my yak, and a gratuitous shot of the one fish I caught a few weeks ago tossing a little bass-colored Rapala from the bank:

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    okuma Guest

    Default Re: Need help: Strategy session for very weedy local pond/lake

    Tip 2: Weed Guards - YouTube

    Good tip on making weed guards

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