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    Default Re: remember when....

    Quote Originally Posted by Vans View Post
    I am 44 and i dont remember any of that. Way before my time ya geezer.
    Ya wippersnapper

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    Quote Originally Posted by theboz View Post
    I remember the cover of the catalog was yellow and red and the pages were B/W. If I saw those colors sticking out of the mailbox I jumped. Used to drool over the decoys!
    I still have a Herter's catalog from 1977.
    Even then;
    Dry or wet flies were $1.44 a dozen ....Bivisibles $2.35
    Nymphs were $1.62 a dozen and Muddlers. 3 for $.91
    Their "Pro-Plus" glass rod was $18.57 and the "Super Light" was $19.27
    They had 2 split bamboo fly rods
    The "Deluxe Impregnated" was $14.97 with $4.69 for the extra tip.
    The "Grand Deluxe Imported St. Albans" dry fly action rod was $72.97 plus $23.47 for the extra tip
    Medalist type reels were $7.97 and $8.07
    Their "high-end" fly lines were $6.95 for DT and $7.95 for WF
    And a grade A grizzly neck...$12.97

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.Ē --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: remember when....

    Remember when,

    The cost of a gallon of Super and a cup of coffee, differed by only a few pennies?

    Whoops, bad analogy. Itís still that way.


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