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Thread: Landing Carp

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    Default Re: Landing Carp

    How did the new reel perform?
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    Default Re: Landing Carp

    John, love the picture! Very cool the way it was done.

    "Never, never, never give up" Winston Churchill

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    Charlie and John

    Thanks for the tips on carrying the net with a pack/sling. We've still got winter, so it's probably going to be a few weeks till I can get out on open water (luckily the early c&r trout season opened Mar 1). I know some places nearby (Madison, WI) that should warm up early and have large carp populations.


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    Great reel! Water is too cold for the fish to really rock, but I will like this cheeky for sure.
    John Montana

    Carp on the Fly

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    Default Landing Carp

    Oh John, how I'm jealous of your carp. I have yet to land one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by delopez View Post
    Oh John, how I'm jealous of your carp. I have yet to land one...
    The season is just about here!
    John Montana

    Carp on the Fly

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    I have never caught Carp as large as John does but , I'm keeping hope alive. I use a long baboo laminated handle with a rubber bag style webing made by Fishnak. I picked it up in BC a few years ago becuase I never had any luck with nets slung on my person. I stick the long handle between the wading belt and my back. It has a large hoop for Steelhead so if I get lucky and hook a big Carp it will fit in the hoop.

    There is nothing like Wild Trout ,Timber Rattlers and Cowboy coffee.

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    I did land a cap on my spey, using a worm fly. highlight of my fishing year, so far. I need to not let them slip out of my arms before picture talking, next time.

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    No net; use a pick axe!
    Oh, sorry. Thought you meant the invasive species.

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    hey check out my post about spey fishing for cats. if you can tell me what kind off carp that is, that would be amazing.

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