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Thread: Bass Fly Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by corb90 View Post
    HA! Funny you should say that as I have gotten interested in carping lately and am trying to find out how and where to do so near missouri. For my 7wt I am going to be purchasing a new allen reel. I really like the looks of the trout 2 but am curious if the larger size reel would be big enough for a 7 wt? Any input on this topic would help, if not I'll just go with the alpha when I save my pennies!
    There are carp all over here. Finding them when they are feeding can be tricky.

    I have a trout II and a trout I, and the trout I is on a 6/7 weight rod, its alittle on the small side, i only have 67 yards of backing on it, which is enough but it would probabaly only be 50 with a 7wt taper on it. The drag on the Trout II is stellar though, you wont be disappointed.

    The Alpha is also nice, I have a few of those and wouldnt mind another if the right color comes out.

    In your previous posts in reguard to line weights, dont overline that Ross. I find that mine likes being lined with what the rod was labeled. Rio Gold is good line and not horribly expensive, the Prestige plus line is less then good in my book. it works but the premuim lines cast much better. You could also try out Allen's ATS line, it seems to be pretty good and with talking to people its somewhere between the cabelas brand and the high end stuff.

    i need to get out and get the to the smallies this year, I really need to make that happen.
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    Lot of good stuff here.

    If you are looking for an effective low cost reel, pick up one of the Medium Cortland Crown II's off Ebay. They're far form expensive. They work well. Drag won't stop a VW, never mind a train, but it will slow down a river run smallie fast enough. Have one on my #7 and have never thought of upgrading it. I use 45 lb test icefishing line as backing becuase it is easier to hold on to on the rare (read as singular) occasion that I get to use it.

    Fly size: You tie, so tie up a nice big, over dressed popper with a nice oversized fluffly tail, Bring it to the water and try casting it. Trim it down until it casts well. Bring it home and use it to size the flies you plan on fishing.

    Line wise, get a lesser reel and a better line if you have to or want to choose between the two. The reel is a secondary thing mostly - a circular basket to hold the line while you are not using it. The line does work, so to speak.

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    I use regular Dacron line as backing on several reels. It's slightly larger diameter than Dacron fly line backing, such as Micron, but works just as well since I'm primarily fishing for LM bass or Striped Bass, neither of which make long runs.

    Most of the reels I use for these species are large arbor designs, but I also have an Okuma Sierra in a 7/8 size which is a very good, reasonably priced reel. I've also got several of the older Cortland Rimfly reels, the larger sizes being fine for bass fishing if you can find them. They've been discontinued for awhile now, but there are still some of them around. I would compare them to the Pflueger Medalist, which is another very good, yet relatively inexpensive reel.

    I've not tried the Allen reels, but from what others have said about them, would not hesitate to give them a try if I needed a another reel.
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    I do recommend dacron for backing and it is what I use. It is true that you can get more GSP on the reel but if you ain't real careful it can cut the **** out of you.

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    Backing really isnt very necessary anyway if you are going for largemouth. Ive never had one come even remotely close to my backing.

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    I have read alot about GSP and will probably rig my next reel up with that, although, for some reason I love my old prestige plus reel and have no problem using that one. Anyone from the STL area get into any sight fishing for carp near the area? If so where abouts can you point me?

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