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    Default Striper Shadness?

    Well Spring is here and the shad are running in the Potomac. Last year I crushed them, but while fishing a rocky drop off on the shore(Which is a lot of the Potomac right above DC) a striper tail made a huge splash about 5 feet away. I assume it was feeding on the river herring running about the rocks. I would much enjoy catching a striper while shad fishing but don't know how to approach the situation. The river edge is extremely rocky and it drop to the bottom like your standing on a cliff. Also, it is more narrow than the rest of the river and therefore flows faster. I have a 9 weight TFO professional II with a lamson guru and a floating wf line. Plenty of room to cast, too. What do you guys think I should do?

    PS. I can tie most flies so please recommend patterns.

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    Default Re: Striper Shadness?

    In a rip like that the bass are going to holding tight to cover like a trout in pocket water, waiting for the bait to come to them
    You'll need to get down near the bottom and practically hit them in the head 'cuz they'll be unlikely to chase a lone fly up near the surface.
    That's going to be tough with a floating line, but it can be done. Use extra weight where you can. A lead head or even splitshot.

    I'd use a fly that's big and flashy with a lot of action. Maybe a flashtail Clouser or a big half&half.

    Cast the fly way up so that the fly has a chance to sink and then literally walk down the shore line at the same pace as the current so drag can't pull the fly up off the bottom.
    Expect the largest striper to be exactly where the rip current is running the fastest
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    Default Re: Striper Shadness?

    Rip pretty much nailed it. I like Clouser Minnows, too. And this is just my small box.

    I would add that you need to think line strategy. With the fast current and depth, you probably should be using a super heavy shooting head. Something like 30 to 32 feet of T-11 (330 to 352 grains) should get your fly down properly. If you do not like the traditional two piece shooting head system (shooting head + running line), you can always get one piece integrated shooting head systems like Rio Outbound lines.

    I like to wade or park the boat on a shelf. My casts are quartered upstream. I will let the fly get depth then start stripping the fly fast. Usually grabs are at the shelf line which is good cover for stripers.


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    Default Re: Striper Shadness?

    I think the guys have hit it on the head. I use a 8wt SA streamer express 350g line and any of the baits mentioned here. It has worked for me on deep water lakes where I fish for years.

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    Default Re: Striper Shadness?

    Thanks for the responses, I have some fishskulls and plenty of dumbells for flies. Something I would like to add is that about half way across the river is some sort of structure that creates a large pool about 10 feet in width. Reaching it with a fly rod is possible so do you think casting just ahead of it and letting it drift into it then stripping frantically out of it would be a decent technique? I have caught catfish out of it with bait before and have seen fish on the surface around it.
    "I was born to fish." -Lee Wulff

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