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Thread: advice request

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    Hey guys and gals long time no post I need your advice. As per the norm texas has decided to change the weather again from 81 to 44 over night. The bass were on their beds and I am almost positive they are off them now. My question is is with this frequent change in weather how long should i wait to toss in a line and what should i use if I do? I haven't fished this year and it is absolutely killing me. I plan on going fishing this weekend and would kill to catch something, I mean anything. Also side note what do you use to catch crappie and how slow do you have to fish? thank you all for your time and tight lines?

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    Nice cold front and about 1-1/2 - 2" rain in my area. We had a 40 degree change and it feels good, as summer to dread is just around the corner. I always say I put up with the hot humid summer so I don't have to wear a coat in the

    I have not bass fished this spring and but yes they should be on the beds in most all areas. Where I live we will be back to 80+ degrees on Friday The Bass will be back on the beds this weekend or sooner. Maybe today Thursday as we will be back up to 70 degrees. Didn't stay cool long enough to cool water much. Slow strip a Wolley Bugger or Zonker to really make a Bass mad. To make them irate then throw a crawfish pattern nearby.

    Your should still have Crappie available. I'm headed to Crappie fish in southern Oklahoma in about 9 days; to fish on and before the full moon. I plan to tease with a Red Fox Squirrel Hair. Also tying up same but with some legs. I think the legs will really **** off a Crappie. Fish slow as they are not inclined to chase this time of year. They are in protection mode and attack when eggs are threatened. Main problem is keeping fly out of underwater brush hangups, but that's were I find the Crappie.

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    Enrico's Bluegill fished right on a Bass bed can be killer. Keep a fly on the bed or very close, they will take it. For Crappie I like black, purple or olive WB.

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    I was fishing last week and was catching a bunch of crappie on a chartreuse and white clouser minnow. I was prepared to throw an olive colored wooly bugger but never had to.

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