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    Nice ones, the small ones are better head shakers anyway.
    Looks like the Umpqua frog and an Allan Reel that you have there.
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    Thanks guys!
    Been pretty hot down here. Temps are anywhere from mid 80s to low 70s with high humidity of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimp View Post
    Congrats on the good day, nice pics as well. What wt rod are you using?
    I was using my new Allen Xa 8 wt. We usually catch some big bass out of that pond. Some are around 7-8 pounds, they just haven't been biting yet. I'm happy enough catching the small ones though!

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    Default Re: They aren't monsters, but...

    nice! gotta love those allens too before you know it you'll own the whole lineup......thats what happened to me!

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