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    Default Favorite bass fly

    What is your favorite pattern, color, and size? Use a weed guard ?

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    Default Re: Favorite bass fly

    It may not catch te most fish but my favorite has to be a popper colored in red with yellow and red feathers and some flashing on a #4 hook. Man do I love catching bass on a popper!

    But if fish are not hitting top water I have good luck with a white or chartreuse or brown clouser color changes depending on water clarity

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    Default Re: Favorite bass fly

    I don't fish for bass as much as I would like to, but I do love fishing lipped poppers for them.
    Here is a recipe from Fishy Fullum's book Fly Tying With Common Household materials:
    Hook: Any hook that will accomodate the size of the fish
    Thread:3/0 flat waxed to match tail color
    Body:3/8 or 1/2 square lengths of balsa wood
    Lip: thin balsa wood or plastic
    Tail: Your choice
    superglue, five-min epoxy
    Paint: Fingernail polish

    A tough tie, but the fish love it!

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    This is a very simple fly I tie, I call it the rubber bunny. It works great on the smallmouths and carp in the finger lakes area rivers. I tie it in sizes 4, 6, 8, and 10. It works well for carp in the two smaller sizes . It's just a bunny leech with rubber legs as a tail, and bead chain eyes. Sometimes I will put a collar of orange master brite dubbing as well. But honestly it catches fish either way.

    Cheap and easy to tie, as you can see, I'm not much good at tying flies. I buy my trout flies, but these are so easy and cheap to tie, that I have a go at them. Really surprised the first time I hooked a big ol carp on one. I had my three weight. I didn't catch him either. I tie them on using a Duncan loop, seem to be slightly more effective with a bit of added action. I bounce them along the bottom in the deep holes and runs in summer. Always catch some very nice bass on them. My favorite cuz they are easy and cheap. I tie the smaller sizes for use on my 3 weight and for carp. Big bass will eat a size 8 without hesitation.
    They work great for rock bass and largemouths to. I'm going to tie some on size 2 hooks and add weed guards.

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    Default Re: Favorite bass fly

    John Barr's Meat Whistle... 1/0-3/0... White

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    Default Re: Favorite bass fly

    Clousers have probably caught me more Bass than any other fly. I do a leech with black marabou tied sort of clouserish. I have jusy clobbered the heck out of Smallies with it.
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    Default Re: Favorite bass fly

    When ever possible I prefer to fish on top and my largest bass ever was caught on a yellow Sneaky Pete so that's one first comes to mind, but the Gartside gurgler is just as productive and easier to tie
    I always use weed guards as they are mandatory for the ponds that I normally fish
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Favorite bass fly

    This probably doesn't answer your question. I don't worry so much about specific patterns for bass. They'll eat anything. I like flies that have a lot of motion & provide a good profile. If it looks alive, it's a good bass fly.

    I like big flies for bass, most in the 1/0 to 3/0 size range, 4 to 6 inches in length. I do add weed guards to some flies. I like the 2 prong mono guard like you might see on flies tied for Bonefish or Redfish, and I like a wire guard, either a 2 prong type that shields the bottom of the hook, or the folded type that fits to the hook point. The type depends on the cover. The heavier the cover, the heavier the guard. This means I'll tie the same patterns with different weed guards.

    I don't have a single favorite pattern, but have some favorite styles I've used for many, many years. I like poppers & sliders for topwater, Lefty's Deceivers, Seaducers, & Clouser Minnows. (Include Half & Half's here too since they're a combination.)

    Favorite base colors are white, black & chartreuse. I've had the most success over many years with these, either alone, in combination with each other, or with other colors.

    White is always good as it's the primary color of most baitfish & juvenile fishes. I add shades of green(olive), gray, and other darker colors for backs to mimic various baitfish. Black & white, and chartreuse & white is always good. Most such baitfish patterns I'll tie are generic, and can imitate many species.

    I tie a lot of flies in black, as it's something that works well in many water clarity conditions and there are many things that are dark in color that bass will eat.

    For flies such as Deceivers & Seaducers, I also like to tie them with different hackle in the tails. Sometimes I'll use saddle hackle, sometimes neck hackle. I'll tie the hackle flat on Deceivers or splayed out, like on a Tarpon fly. Gives different profiles & motion. I used to tie Tarpon flies commercially & this one detail makes a world of difference. Guides told me that flat tails makes a more defined profile, while splayed tails makes the fly appear larger than it really is & adds more movement. Small details, but easy & inexpensive to incorporate.

    Typically, you'll see Seaducers tied with thin saddle hackle, which is fine, but I also like wide neck hackle as a tail tied splayed. This style of fly is very simple & by changing the tail hackle, a different appearance & motion can be obtained making it very versatile. It's also cheap to tie since strung neck or saddle is all you really need.

    I also use many other patterns for bass. I like variety & like tying with different materials. I particularly like natural hairs such as rabbit, fox, skunk, opossum, coyote, etc. All of these work well incorporated into bass flies.
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    Default Re: Favorite bass fly

    While my most successful bass flies have probably been the foam mice and frog flies I make, my favorite ones to tie and fish are crayfish flies. There is so much great variation you can do with them and they are a treat to hook up on.

    And to add a quick note about weedguards, I personally can't stand them. I feel that I miss a lot of strikes with them and it doesn't justify the annoyance of cleaning the gunk off sometimes. Most people seem to like them, some won't make any bass flies without them. Personal preference and experience I guess.

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    Default Re: Favorite bass fly

    My favorite bass fly is the one that catches a bunch of fish

    Seriously though...probably the dalhberg diver. i dont catch a ton of fish on them, but every fish I have ever caught on one has been of really good size.
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