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    Default Flies proved better catchers than Gulp Alive

    For the past few days I've been testing soft plastics (including Gulp Alive .... the best plastic) against regular flies (Woolybuggers, Sponge Spiders, and BH Hares Ear).

    It really surprised me! The flies won 10 to 1 , maybe 20 to 1!

    I targeted Bluegills in 3 local lakes. I'm totally confident with only flies now! I am totally convinced that a big 9" Bluegill would rather hit a size 14 Beadhead Hear's Ear Nymph than a Gulp Alive 1" Smelt Minnow on a tiny jighead.

    I've compared a dozen times, and I'll only take my fly rod from here on out!

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    Default Re: Flies proved better catchers than Gulp Alive

    Agree 100 percent ! I used that method to win a match (euro style) tournament some years back in Flushing Meadow Park. There were over 75 competitors each got a roped off square to fish in . Some used tiny plastics some live bait I was the only one using a fly rod and an assortment of midges. I beat the field by 38 fish! Flys will beat anything for gills and other small panfish everytime even bait.
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    Default Re: Flies proved better catchers than Gulp Alive

    I've always caught a LOT more fish on flies than with bait.

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    Default Re: Flies proved better catchers than Gulp Alive

    Yeah, it's true!

    Early season trout made me pick up my spin rod again. A young guy with a inline spinner and another spin guy using trout magnets were making me look like a fool with my fly rod!

    I was mixed up and took my spin the next day with a 2 1/2" Gulp Minnow on a 1/32 oz jighead ....... and I caught a few stockie trout! Now I'm totally convinced that I could have caught them and more if I perfected my fly system a bit better!

    Really, I had to tie some better flies and understand what the fly is doing in the water. I've found Nirvana now with my 3wt!

    I'm catchin' gills like crazy now, and soon I'll try my 8wt for some carp!

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    Default Re: Flies proved better catchers than Gulp Alive

    The thing is as well that its hard to get small tackle when your using a conventional rod. Bluegill CAN eat some larger bait, but they often end up nipping the tail or such and not getting hooked. With the smaller flies that we fly fishermen can throw, the entire bait fits in their mouths easily and is almost guaranteed to hook.

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