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    Quote Originally Posted by Flyfisher for men View Post

    That article by Dave Whitlock is dead on.

    Incidentally, as a pastor and spiritual director, if you find yourself getting sad over what's somewhere else or what some other place has that your current place doesn't, that's actually a spiritual illness.
    Good point, Flyfisher

    The smallmouth bass are declining big time in the local Susquehanna...... but the carp are invading the area! When life hands us a lemon ...... we make lemonade! I'll be fly rod carpin' pretty soon.

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    I'm with you on the pan fish and chasing smallies, something else that I'm sure that would put a smile on your face is chase those same fish with a 3wt spey. I use mine all the time on the Kalamazoo river for smallies and have just a ball with it because I don't have to worry about the back cast issue.

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