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    Default I have found Nirvana!

    A few years ago, on this very site, I read the article by Dave Whitlock about finding happiness with the local fish you have to fish for.

    I live in central PA, and we have some nice trout streams, nice smallmouth in the Susquehanna, and also the carp that are taking over. But the abundant Bluegills in every local lake, pond, stream, or river make them a "target" fish for me.

    I realized this last year and I took action for my fishing fun.

    - I had a leaky Cross Creek UL float tube which I upgraded to a Scadden Outlaw Escape.
    - I upgraded my flippers to Omega "flip fins"
    - I upgraded my fly rod to a Helios 3wt.
    - I upgraded my waders to Orvis "Sonic Seam" no stitch waders.

    I now have a wonderful fishing trip every time I go out! 50 to 100 big sunfish on a UL fly rod with flies I tie myself! It doesn't get much better?

    Anybody else find happiness with these beautiful Bluegills?

    Flyrods forever!

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    Default Re: I have found Nirvana!

    Bingo!! Same sort of story for me! Im in the middle of bass country and love it but these bluegill,rock bass, and redbreast sunfish are my favorite!!

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    Default Re: I have found Nirvana!

    Love me some big bluegills on top water foam junk. I use a fiberglass 2/3wt...doesn't get much more fun than that! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!


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    Default Re: I have found Nirvana!

    I make a few trips a year for smallmouth, bluegills and such with the fly rod. It is alot of fun when the water is calm in the early mornings. Bluegills are great sport on my 2 and 3 weights. Try a flying black ant when the bluegills are bedding!!

    Here I walk slowly, deliberately, taking it one step, one trout, one sunset at a time. -Harry Middleton

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    Default Re: I have found Nirvana!

    Bluegills (and LM bass) are my bread and butter fish. Trout are my favorite, but are 3-4 hours away and require vacation time and budget money. Bluegills and bass, however, are within walking distance.

    That article by Dave Whitlock is dead on.

    Incidentally, as a pastor and spiritual director, if you find yourself getting sad, jealous, depressed, etc. over what's somewhere else or what some other place has that your current place doesn't, that's actually a spiritual illness. It's what happened to the Israelites in the desert when they started grumbling: God and Moses had forsaken them, they'd been led to the desert to die of thirst, it was better to be slaves in Egypt, etc.

    If you detect that sort of thinking in yourself or someone you know, be very wary. A person in that state is listening to lies. The Israelites were being exterminated in Egypt and were nonetheless saying at the Red Sea that they were better off back there. In other words, they started lying to themselves and others because they couldn't see any hope in the situtation they were in. Dumb. Totally dumb. And we all do it.

    Liars do it in part because they think there's no hope when the truth comes out. The truth for Israel was that a miracle was about to take place, one that would overwhelm a seemingly invincible enemy, save them all, and lead them home. Thinking they were all about to be killed and slaughtered and utterly depsairing and desolate, they were about to see absolute victory. Because one man believed and hoped and prayed.

    This is how to live.

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    Default Re: I have found Nirvana!

    well i gotta say after having my ass kicked by the trout the last two trips. i took the 4wt out to a local reservoir and caught aboy 50 8-9 inch bluegills on poppers and small wolly buggers. found myself a couple times laughing like a little kid.

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    Default Re: I have found Nirvana!

    "if you find yourself getting sad, jealous, depressed, etc. over what's somewhere else or what some other place has that your current place doesn't,"

    You are right on the mark. My sons & I fish lots of "hide" in plain site spots here in Houston and on the upper Texas coast for whatever we can catch. I try to instill a joy and pleasure in the companionship and outdoors.

    We catch fish, lots no, big ones, seldom. However I feel I'm blessed every time we go regardless of results. Last Saturday afternoon while fishing a local urban bayou (looks like a drainage ditch to some) with my older son I caught a beautiful palm sized long eared sunfish. While admiring his colors and zest for life I thought, "how could a different water or location be better than this spot right now with my son?".

    Thank you for the clarity.

    Pete A.

    (couples of pics of my "hero's" in local water, note the smiles)

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    Default Re: I have found Nirvana!

    ounce for ounce... bluegills are some of the strongest fighting fish out there... such aggressive little guys.. love'em

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    Default Re: I have found Nirvana!

    Congrats on some really nice fish! Sounds like you made some great decisions as far as gear goes, you should get years of use out of those purchases.

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    Default Re: I have found Nirvana!

    pet a
    The Smiles & The Fish you all caught tell The Story even though it looks as if 50 Head of cattle have Watered at The Fishing Hole.

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