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    Default The Return Of Bucktail (pics)

    Hello all of my long lost forum freinds! Now that winter is over I can once again contribute to this fine forum with fishing tales! Its been a pretty good spring so far check it out! And all on my own ties!


    I have already landed somewhere in the neigborhood of 20 this year so far with a couple of decent fish. The one above was my very first fish of the year.

    Here are a few more....

    This one below was a straight up whale, wish I could of had a pic holding it....

    I chose this last carp pic cause it looked like I had a little captain in me. Just had a very manly feel to it.


    Well here are some pics of a monster largemouth I got the other day, thing was a beast! and once again on one of my gross looking flies I wrapped together hahah! He must have been blind!

    Thanks for looking and have a crappie day!!

    Tight lines

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    Default Re: The Return Of Bucktail (pics)

    You have a friend along with you taking all the pics? Or do you have a stand for your phone/camera?

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    Default Re: The Return Of Bucktail (pics)

    Nice fish! Looks you are having a good time.

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    Default Re: The Return Of Bucktail (pics)

    Thanks Diver Dan I always have a great time out on the water! Naw I dont have a fly fishing partner but my phone camera has a timer so I stick it in my shoe to stand it up straight (Note my lack of footware in pictures) and go that route!

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