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philbush1127 05-12-2013 11:41 PM

Yellow perch
I'm really new into the whole art of fly fishing but do people ever fish for yellow perch on here with flies?

Guest1 05-13-2013 12:36 AM

Re: Yellow perch
Not that I have heard specifically. I have caught them on Clousers by accident and smaller flies like wooly buggers.

Have you got a spot where you have caught them other ways besides fly fishing?

littledavid123 05-13-2013 12:49 AM

Re: Yellow perch
Seems like there was a fellow on here at one time who was picking up some yellow perch, can't remember who it was though. We need a resident expert on fly fishing for that species! :thmbup:


cowpokey 05-13-2013 01:15 AM

Re: Yellow perch
The only time I've ever targeted yellow perch was through the no, not with a fly rod.

theboz 05-13-2013 01:59 AM

Re: Yellow perch
Catch Yellow Perch all the time in the lakes by me. There not picky and just about any wet fly , nymph or small streamer will work. The big ones spawn here in Febuary and we get them in the Lehigh River on San Juan worms .
There great eating and when we want a mess for the pan when we get one we tie a ballon to it so we can follow the school and keep on hooking up. You would be amazed at how much that school will travel around a lake in a short period of time.
Good thing to do is a stomach pump or autopsy when your cleaning them because of the varied food they eat . For me it seems every lake has a key food they zone in on. One of the bigger ones by us the perch were filled with hellgrammites and crayfish where as a smaller pond nearby nothing but fathead minnows.
Funny thing there are so many yellow perch in the north eastern part of the country that I thought everyone new about them but I found out different a few years back. I was fishing the Healy Resecoir in Wyoming with a terrific fly guy from Oregon for trout. We had a great day catching a bunch of trout and suckers on beadhesd buggers when he gets this big yellow perch. He looks at me and asks what is this ? I thought he was joking but in all his travels and fishing adventures he had never seen or caught one! So he didn't want pictures of the trout he wanted one of his first Yellow Perch!

philbush1127 05-13-2013 12:16 PM

Re: Yellow perch
I've caught one on the spillway of the huge man made lake I go fishing at by my house with a spinning reel and a small minnow going after trout but he obviously just made his way over the falls on accident. The other day I went to the deepest part of the lake with my kayak and set a anchor and use two rods with crappie rigs and minnows but I didn't cover a lot of land and didn't catch anything

grundy 05-14-2013 09:06 PM

Re: Yellow perch
I've heard of a gent who has done well fishing for them with a muddler minnow when they are in shallow in Lake Michigan.


bigjim5589 05-14-2013 09:24 PM

Re: Yellow perch
They're one of the first fish to move into the upper ends of rivers around here in the early spring to spawn. It's already happened, doesn't last long, then they scatter into the river systems. When I was a kid, I would start fishing for them in late Feb & early March, usually with minnows below a float & when I started catching them, then start throwing flies or lures.

I've done well with small, simple streamers & wet flies. Otherwise, I've caught them while targeting other species. Most any fly that imitates baitfish will work, and they'll eat various insects too, both aquatic & terrestrial.

I've caught them too while fishing with various lures for bass, such as crankbaits & spinnerbaits. Small spoons & spinners work well.

I posted some flies awhile back that I had tied & to which I had added small single blade spinners. I've caught a lot of Yellow Perch on that fly & spinner combination.

As theboz has said, they're not picky!

Here's the flies I had posted previously. All are size 4.

philbush1127 05-14-2013 10:00 PM

Re: Yellow perch

picture of the first and only perch i have caught and now i am still trying for more. gonna go back out this week once it has warmed up a little more its been cold here in pittsburgh the past couple days

chased 05-15-2013 03:03 AM

Re: Yellow perch
I catch lots of perch out of the lakes and reservoirs that frequently fish. They don't seem to be picky at all. I was out all day yesterday throwing poppers for bluegill and caught at least 10 perch. If you like to eat fish, you can't go wrong with a bunch of 10"+ perch. Almost like a little walleye, but better!


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