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Thread: Carp report

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    Basically every year since college, my buddy Justin and I have been lucky enough to spend a few days each spring fishing together. Pretty astounding that we have kept this trip together over the years, given lives, wives, and kids. Really, it is because our wives are fantastic. Considering that we live well over 2000 miles apart, we never take this for granted. Since the carp bug has really taken a hold of us, we have pretty much turned this into a carp trip, and for the fourth year in a row we pounded on Lake MI for 3.5 days. This year we absolutely nailed it.

    The fish were thick, and we walked into masses of them. My home waters require tiny flies, and a tea cup size target, but the great thing about lake MI is the fish will chase big flies and streamers, often moving from quite a distance to smash stripped and hopped flies. Quite a sight for visual junkies like us.

    We have had good trips in the past, but this was just insane. We landed a rough total of 135 carp (and a bunch of bass). The real amazing thing was the quality of the fish. We netted and weighed 20 carp that were over 20 lbs. The biggest fish weighed in at 31 lbs (an amazing fish that Justin took on a two inch long black bunny leech on day 3). We would net, weigh and release 18 lb fish with barely a mention or a was just crazy.

    It is going to take some reflection time to really process this insanity. J and I love our time together and while we have had some great trips over the years, this one was truly amazing.

    Huge thanks to our wives and kids for letting us do what we do...we fully realize how special and ridiculous walking a huge lake with a fly rod in hand really is.
    John Montana

    Carp on the Fly

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    Default Re: Carp report

    John: Wow! What a great trip, hard to imagine getting into fish better than what you two encountered!

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    Default Re: Carp report

    Ditto what Larry said! That's carpin till you drop at it's best! Congrats on an awesome trip!! Guess I need to take that Beaver Island trip I keep on getting invited to ! Incredible!!
    "I was born to fish" Lee Wulff
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    Default Re: Carp report

    Congrats John...I caught a few carps while fishing for chub and I know how hard these fish fightThe last pic is outstanding clearly shows how powerful these fish are

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    Default Re: Carp report

    Amazing! Your report just pushed me over the edge with this carp on a fly thing.

    I'll be "carpin" as soon as the water goes down.

    Thanks so much for posting.

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    Nice fish John saw some on IG, Makes me want to go to Lake MI so bad looks like a blast

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    Default Re: Carp report

    Thanks for a great report and congrats on such a fine trip. I am green

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    Fantastic trip! Glad you have a friend to share your passion with, just awesome fish. Glad it was one for the books!

    "Never, never, never give up" Winston Churchill

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    What a trip! Waiting for the water to recede a bit before I give carp on the fly a shot for the first time.
    Read my fishing blog

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    Great trip! Can't wait for next year!
    John Montana

    Carp on the Fly

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