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    Default One Last Hurrah for Shad

    Normally this late in the season I would head up to the headwaters in NY for one last shot at the Shad run. But on a hunch with water temps well above 65 degrees took a shot that the late runs would stop and start to spawn before they reached the headwaters. Boy I am glad I took the shot great ending to the season with a bunch of nice hens mostly spawned out but ready to do battle! They were so healthy looking when released I am pretty sure will be seeing them again in the coming season! Its crazy fishing for them this late a month ago I could take a nice leisurely walk to the river now its a jungle and you practically have to crawl to the same spot! But well worth it!

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    Default Re: One Last Hurrah for Shad

    Nice fish. I also wanted to do Shad fishing but never seem to be able to there. Glad it paid off for you!

    "Never, never, never give up" Winston Churchill

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