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Thread: Sunfish report

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    Nice fish! That green sunfish is especially nice!! We don't have that species up here.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Nicholas Bertrand
    ''Many go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.''

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    Nice Pics! Mentioned it in a previous thread too but those green sunfish/warmouths have quickly become my favorite

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikemac4 View Post
    That 2nd fish is a green sunfish- bluegill hybrid. They are very aggressive and with that big mouth will hit almost anything. They dont get as round as bluegills do when larger, but I've caught some of 10 in that were great fun. Notice the turquoise "warpaint" stripes on side of face. Mike
    Gotta disagree with you, that looks about as pure a green sunfish as you'll see, exactly what all greenies look like in my area. Hybrids have different coloration and smaller mouths than that one.

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    I agree with al_a ..... it's a pure green sunfish!

    The green sunfish seem to be more aggressive than the bluegills? In all the lakes I fish, the green sunfish control the shoreline. They hug the shoreline and will hit bigger flies! That's great for a fly rodder like me! I love to fish the shoreline with a little bigger flies!

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    green sunfish are also more territorial-aggressive than bluegill. I had a 125 gallon tank for a few years with those 2 species and the green sunfish were very central american "cichlid-like" vs. the relatively peaceful bluegill in the tank. And there was plenty of room to distribute territorial pressure....well, at least vs. the typical 55 gallon most people keeping native fish tend to use.

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    That green sunfish has spectacular colors. I caught one of those a while back in a local pond, and I thought it looked like a hybrid between a largemouth bass and a bluegill. I had no idea what it was until now.

    Thanks for sharing the pics.

    ....Just one more cast...

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