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Thread: Sunfish report

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    Default Sunfish report

    I had such a wonderful time today fly fishing a big public lake in south central PA (I fly fish four lakes in the area, they all fish about the same, so why spot burn?). I keep my Scadden Outlaw Escape inflated all the time, and I toss it on the roof of my car and secure with three bungi cords. It takes me only ten seconds to get the toon off the car.

    I wet wade with Scadden Flip Fins and fin tethers. Easy walking to the lake, and a quick snap locks the fins in place.

    I used my 3wt Helios with floating line. Bead head nymphs, microbuggers, and top water sponge spiders all caught like crazy today. I must have caught 100 fish this afternoon. Too many to count!

    I want to get after carp pretty soon, but I catch so many 'gills and crappie, I'm becoming addicted to these abundant beautiful fish!

    Tight Lines

    a beautiful Green Sunfish:

    the ducks and geese are breeding like crazy:

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    That second fish has some amazing color!

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    Default Re: Sunfish report

    Nice pics. Love the little guys on light tackle. Do the same thing at a local lake with my tenkara rod. That second fish must have got into some dye.

    "Never, never, never give up" Winston Churchill

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    Default Re: Sunfish report

    Nice. Fun is what it's all about.
    ...some men go to church and think of fishing while other men go fishing and feel closer to God

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    Nice work. That green sunfish is a beaut!

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    always pays to be prepared I guess. Nice day for sure. What size micro were you using in the picture?

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    That 2nd fish is a green sunfish- bluegill hybrid. They are very aggressive and with that big mouth will hit almost anything. They dont get as round as bluegills do when larger, but I've caught some of 10 in that were great fun. Notice the turquoise "warpaint" stripes on side of face. Mike

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    Nice fat sunnies. Sounds like fun.

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    Default Re: Sunfish report

    What a beautiful Green Sunfish! And very nice Gill! It's funny how they can distract you from other things! Looks like you had a great outing!
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    I hope I never grow up. Bream were the first fish I ever caught on a kid's Zebco spincast rod (Here's a dose of reality, the initials stand for Zero Hour Bomb Company, from back in WWII, when they made munitions before getting into fishing gear. ). That tidbit aside I love pan fish. Give me a four weight and a wooly bugger or a small popper and some blue gills and I'm a happy man. It doesn't need to be fancy. The tug is the drug and what more can you ask then some nice bream on a light outfit?

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