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    My bass and carp fishing is more and more using a 6wt 7'10" instead of my 8wt 9ft when I am on my kayak or on foot for small ponds or lakes. I will take my 8wt for big windy stillwater reservoirs.
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    I use a bamboo 5 wt mostly unless I expect something over 4 pounds. I certainly can't cast big windsock poppers or streamers very far but most bass I've caught regardless of cast have been out around 25 feet "or so".
    A big one is a lot of fun on a light rod

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    I recently switched to a 2wt rod for basically everything but carp and saltwater. There's a lot of fallacy out there in regards to casting larger flies with lighter lines. Sure I can't sling out 2/0 deer hair poppers very far with a 2wt, but I can get some damn surprising distance with a size 6 beadhead streamer. And like I said before, how far do you really NEED to cast.

    A 1lb bass is a hell of a lotta fun on a 2wt.

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