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    Default Back in the game

    Well after my last, and only, rod took a ride on the roof of my mom's car and never returned, I have finally replaced it. Today I picked up a Caleba's TLr 8wt with a Prestige Premier reel. Took it to the local pond and I love it, casts way smoother than my last rod (10+ year old $50 combo). Caught about half a dozen lmb and two ambitious bluegills. Now if I can just figure out how to post pictures from my nexus tablet...

    This should work..

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    Default Re: Back in the game

    Congrats on the new setup, looks like you are breaking it in nicely!

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    Default Re: Back in the game

    WTG! Glad you like your new rod. Like wives, they don't always work out the way you thought!

    But then, I bet mine says the same of me.

    All kidding aside, nice fish you are catching.

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    Default Re: Back in the game

    Why are They so fishing good too, I like to go to places like this...

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    Ahh the ones that got away... Rods and reels that is..
    Nice job getting right back into it!!

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