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rickf 06-29-2013 11:21 PM

Crappie with a Fly Rod?
I'm having a ball with my 3wt just before dark. Even in a deep lake, it seems the crappie feed only a couple feet down in low light conditions.

I've been having great success with a 3wt and floating line. I use tungsten bead head mini-buggers size 12 3X in both white and black. The tungsten takes the fly down a couple feet, and I strip the fly back and the crappie will hit it almost every time!

Super fun on these super hot days. It's way too hot to fish in the daytime, and the trout streams are drying up! A 13" crappie puts a good bend in my Helios!

I'm a C&R guy, but I've kept a few for fine tablefare.

Ard 06-30-2013 12:27 AM

Re: Crappie with a Fly Rod?
Hi Rick,

Sounds like fun. I used to get into them in the West Branch of the Susquehanna River and some can be pretty good sized. They will pull pretty good on that light rod huh?


tbum2020 06-30-2013 05:17 AM

Re: Crappie with a Fly Rod?
Here's a tip for the record books, Bonefish flies (minus all the crab imitations) SLAY Crappie! BTW I must say and probably will never say again... that's one fine looking crappie.

dpenrod 06-30-2013 06:04 AM

Re: Crappie with a Fly Rod?
great crappie. love panfish on light line rods and even better if you get to fry a couple up for dinner. one of my favorite meals-breaded in a little corn meal and fried up in some peanut oil. afraid to keep fish around here due to the water quality.

jimp 06-30-2013 07:13 AM

Re: Crappie with a Fly Rod?
congrats on the fish and the tip on some flys for crappie.

bigjim5589 06-30-2013 09:25 AM

Re: Crappie with a Fly Rod?
Nice fish! Awesome post & report! I like panfish of any type, but Crappies are at the top of the list. I'm also primarily a C&R angler, but have no qualms about keeping some for the table.

Good tip on the Bonefish flies. Most panfish will take them. In some of the waters I fish there are White & Yellow Perch as well as Crappies, and that type of fly works great.

Here's some of my panfishing fly boxes! Not many Bonefish in MD! :D

I also like this type of simple streamer for Crappies & Perch.

ditz 06-30-2013 11:47 AM

Re: Crappie with a Fly Rod?
Hey BigJim..that is quite a selection of flats flies......I don't see a 'Horror' amongst them however. hehehe:lol2:

bigjim5589 06-30-2013 12:03 PM

Re: Crappie with a Fly Rod?
Hmmmm, guess I need to tie some then! :rolleyes:

von behr 06-30-2013 12:04 PM

Re: Crappie with a Fly Rod?

Those crappie look great. That's a lot of fun on a light rod. Big Jim, you have a very nice collection of flies there. That's some impressive tying.

-VB :icon_cool :fishing:

caseywise 06-30-2013 02:28 PM

Re: Crappie with a Fly Rod?
caught a load of these guys on the glass recently. wow is that fun:D
inch worm pattern;)


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