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Thread: The Carp Thread

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    I was checking out random carp flies last night. One site had a Yellow Glow Bug (turned) Nymph.. I thought it was pretty neat and basically the back end of a zugbug.
    I decided to make one up with yellow dubbing because I don't have any glo-yarn.

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    Size 8. I like that foam with the shinny side too.
    The Fly Tying Shop by TCO - Foam - LOCO FOAM - OIL.SLICK

    Indicators I use small clear thingamabobs. They look like bubbles on the water and the carp keep hitting them. It's crazy!

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    Thank you Joni and John for your tips and others that have contributed. I now have some good reasons to sit at the vise.

    I still think we need a forum for just carp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ditz View Post
    I still think we need a forum for just carp.
    That's a slippery slope.

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    I know some guys that fish for them with indicators in muddy water and it certainly is effective. I just love the sight fishing aspect of carp, so I seek them out in water that is clear enough to see them. When it is murky from feeding fish or just dirty water, I try to really move slow and zero can usually see an outline or shape. I am certainly not against an indicator, I just enjoy targeting the fish without one more. The hunt is what gets me about carp...super addictive. One of the best things about carp is how adaptive they are, and the methods I have seen and used are ever evolving out there. I have caught them in 8 different states now and am still surprised by all the different ways they feed and eat flies. They are amazing creatures. It really comes down to the fish you chase. I say all the time that there is no one magic fly for all carp, but is probably one magic fly for your carp...they are just so varied in what they can use for a food source that a ton of methods can apply...just amazing fish!

    For nymph/clam eaters, this is my go to fly, the hybrid:

    I was shocked this year that the hybrid (small fly) actually worked on the goby eating carp of lake MI. From what I know of Great Lakes carp, they eat a ton of invasive gobies and crayfish...we go there every spring and fish two inch long bunny leeches that would scare carp on my home river the Columbia.
    John Montana

    Carp on the Fly

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    I love that fly! Does it come in yellow...just kidding

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    One of my goals for 2013 was to catch my first carp on a fly. Having just completed that goal this week, I'm certainly not an expert but will weigh in on what worked for me on my first and only attempt to date.

    Was fishing a lake that was new to me, so started by trying to find some gills and LMB. Was on foot and working the shoreline. Heard some trashing and splashing some distance away at the shoreline and figured it's either LMB ambushing minnows or carp in the shallows. Either way, I was interested. Turns out it was carp and they seemed to be in spawn mode based on the fact that several were rolling over each other in the shallows.

    Couple of local people were watching and told me spawning fish aren't interested in feeding. I generally agree with that, but also believe that not all fish of a specific species are in spawn mode at exactly the same time and some may not participate as eagerly as others (just my opinion). My target was those "other" carp that were swimming in close proximity. The water was not very clear, so I couldn't cast specifically to any one. I knew they were there because they were occasionally visible when they swirled the surface or when I accidentally spooked one.

    Since I had a black over white MM Minnow fly on (from gill and bass fishing earlier), I made a couple of casts with that. In short order I had my first hit, which somehow spit the hook. Several casts later, the fight was on once again and I landed a nice carp just under 23 inches in length. GREAT fun on a 6 wt rod! Talk about rod bend the entire time. Needless to say, the locals that said the carp wouldn't bite were in disbelief and almost as excited as I was.

    Several casts later, I had another carp that somehow spit the hook after a brief fight. I hooked four additional carp, but didn't land any of those. Either had poor hook sets or they spit my barbless fly. Needless to say, the locals that said the carp wouldn't bite were in disbelief and almost as excited as I was. They were also now providing lots of advise anytime one got away.

    Thinking my fly with a #10 hook was too small, I tried flies with larger hooks without success. Didn't have an MM Minnow in the larger size so I tried gartside soft hackle streamer, wooly buggers, etc., without any hits. Switched back to the MM Minnow and had hits again. I'd show you a picture of it, but I lost the only two I tied while fishing for gills and bass yesterday evening. It was simply black marabou over white with silver bead chain using the pattern shown in

    - I'm definitely hooked on carp fishing.
    - Given the fact that carp spook so easily, fishing for them in cloudy water might actually be an advantage (assuming you have some indication they are present).
    - Still not sure if I was losing fish because of poor hook-sets, too small a hook or because they were able to spit a barbless hook.

    More research (fishing) is required.

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    Had to share this. A lean mean fly eating machine

    And this is a sample of the water

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    Since you have a lot of experience catching carp on flies, any thoughts on whether or not a #10 hook is too small? What size hook do you typically use?


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    It is all about the forage! My go to hook is a size 8 scorpion gaper, which is a carp bait hook equivalent to a size 10 tiemco scud hook. Unless the carp are predatory I think smaller is better for hook size.

    You are right on with spawners. The actively spawning fish are not likely to eat, but the fish on the edges usually will. I did get this big lead female to eat a size 8 hybrids his year. She barely slowed down, just puffed her gills and inhaled the fly off the bottom as she swam by.

    If you look behind me in the photo you can see hords of spawners. Check out this video:

    My preference is to find fish that are not spawning, but you can usually pick a few off of the edges. This big girl was taken on a 2 inch bunny leech...she broke out of a pack and chased the fly down like a bass. That would never happen here in OR! They are cool fish:

    This is a home water fish I got in June. I did some filming with RA Beattie and stuck this one on a size 8 hybrid as well.

    It has been a crazy year. I have landed 18 carp over 20 lbs this year, just one fish away from my record. Been a lot of fun seeing so many people get interested in these fish too...I was a total pariah 10 yers ago! Hah...
    John Montana

    Carp on the Fly

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