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Thread: The Carp Thread

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    Were they grass carp or common carp? I seem to have better luck with cruising commons, as opposed to those rooting in the bottom. Some of them would chase the fly down pretty aggressively. The grass carp I was blindly casting to. I was just matching the grass color pretty good.

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    They're all grass carp that were stocked about 20+ years ago to keep the weeds from over growing the pond.
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    Grass arp are a completely different beast. Very tough. Out here if they are not eating actively you basically can't catch them. For some reason they are illegal to target in or too which is weird. Tough fish! Good luck!
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    Still going strong even though there was snow in the ground two days ago.

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    That mirror is very cool looking! Nice fish for this late in the season!
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    Nice size to those carp. Must have been fun. I had given up on carp thinking they wouldn't be as aggressive inthe cold water. Maybe I'll give it a late season try.

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