I have followed Rip's and Nick's posts and treads with interest. I have a lot of respect for both. I know that Nick likes light fly tackle as I do and prefer to fish light and short myself. I also know that when I started FF one of the first things I did was start tying hair bugs and the only rod I had was a 8' 8wt glass Shakespheare and I could not cast the bugs I was tying with it. I got frustrated and quit using the hair bugs for that reason. I would have been much better off with a heavier rod with those big bugs. I have since done 3 things. I have learned to trim the bugs a little smaller, I am a better caster, and I also have some bigger rods with better lines. I can now cast a bigger bug with smaller rods but I do find it must more enjoyable to use heavier rods for my big bugs. I don't like to fish rods heavier than a 7wt but there are times when the heavier rods are better IMO. I much prefer to use a 5wt and mostly lighter but a 5wt is not happy throwing a 1" hair bug let alone a 2" dia. hair bug. The original posters question is too vague and it is mostly because of his inexperience. He did say big bugs and I would say that is 1/0 and mostly much bigger. I also seldom use flies bigger than 1/0 but many bass fishermen do use huge baits for bass. Many years ago I used a Musky sized Jitterbug for bass at night. The body on it is about 4 or 5" long. Probably 2oz or more. I did not use my UL rod for that though I did use UL for about 90% or more of my non FF back then. I sure do appreciate what you are trying to pass on to the OP and I sure agree with you but there is also a need for the heavy rods where bass are concerned which is what I was trying to pass on to the OP. It all depends on the OP's intent.