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  1. Default New to Carp (Walnutport pa area)

    hello, i live in walnutport pa.. i am close to lehigh and northamption county. i want to start to get into the carp scene.

    is there anyone close to me that fishes for these wonderful fish? i would like to find areas to do so.. i would also like to get some tips and tactics.

    any help would be great!

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    Hey i would check out Paflyfish might have a better chance there. Im south of you near Harleysville so if your even down that way I could show you around. You can try Beltzville lake Ive heard heard there is carp in there. Im not too familiar with that area so maybe some else on here will know

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    thanks for your help!

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    Francis. E Walter dam has cruising carp all along the walkways. The Lehigh has monsters down by Easton by the last spillway before it emptys into the Delaware. There is a guide who does carp in the Lehigh up by your area he's from Jim Thorpe area but I'm not sure of his name. Beltzville has big ones but they are tough to spot except in the spring when they seem to hug the treelike in the back part of the lake.
    The Delaware has some real biguns just a matter of finding islands and shoal water.

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    And don't forget the canal by you especially at low water times and when the mulberry trees are dropping berries!
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    theboz thanks for your help.. i will have to check out the francis e walter dam.. if you can remember the name of teh guide please let me know.

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