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    Default Re: I'm falling in love with my spin rod!

    I think the difference here is that some people like "fly fishing" and some people like "fishing" with a preference towards fly.

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    Default Re: I'm falling in love with my spin rod!

    Also let's remember -- this is a fly fishing forum.

    Most things are geared that way, not toward convential tackle.

    This is kind of like talking about how great your Remington is on a Ruger forum.

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    Default Re: I'm falling in love with my spin rod!

    Quote Originally Posted by rickf View Post

    I'm a seasoned fly fisherman and I tie all my own stuff. I know a lot of people who fish there. I walk around with my $800 Helios, and my "sonic seam" Orvis waders and my Stetson hat! I know all the techniques and I know how the trout feed.

    A kid with a cheapo spin outfit was casting a inline spinner, Roostertail (I think he had 8lb test mono) and he was catchin' a trout on almost every cast! His buddy, also a young kid, was using a spin rod with a huge 3" soft plastic minnow and a 1/4 oz split shot a foot above. He was also catchin' like crazy.

    I was using a zebra midge with a PT above under a strike indicator ...... and I couldn't buy a bite! I changed to a streamer and lead eye bugger, but no fish?

    I thought I could go back with some live mealworms in my vest pocket (hook one on my fly when nobody was watching) or use my UL spin with soft plastics? I chose the later, and never looked back!
    Thanks for making my point for me.

    I fish with a 50 year old Phillipson, a $4 hat from W*lmart and snazzy waders from Cabela's.
    And I've been fly fishing long enough so that I understand very well that I do not now, and very likely will never know everything there is to know about trout behavior.
    Personally I'm reminded of something forgotten or I learn something new practically every time out.
    For a lot of fly fishermen, it's solving these puzzles is what they find most intriguing.

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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