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Thread: BATS on a Fly

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    Quote Originally Posted by muppetmullet81 View Post
    I caught a bat this morning. The stupid thing hit my fly right in mid back cast. Hit the water like a ton of bricks to. Has this ever happened to anyone or did I just catch the stupidest bat in the world? Goofy lookin little guy thats for sure.
    once I hit a bat with rod, broke her wing... brought it home, in the morning she died
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    I've had a couple of bats go after my fly but never hooked one. However, I have caught a bullfrog and a huge dragonfly on a fly. On lures, I hooked a kingfisher one time on a Rapala.

    But my biggest adventure catching things other than fish came when I was on an Ozark stream at night, fishing for smallmouth with a big Jitterbug. It was a dark night with no moon, and I couldn't see the lure much of the time, just hear it hit the water and bobble-bobble-bobble across the surface, listening for the splash of a strike. Well, I heard a splash, though it didn't sound quite right. Nevertheless I set the hooks and suddenly my line was rising into the air and I could feel something tugging upwards. My partner asked, "Is it a good one?"

    I said, "Heck if I know, but whatever it is it's flying!" I fought it around for a bit and finally got a look at it silhouetted against the sky. It was a great horned owl! I kept reeling and it swooped down and nearly whacked my partner in the head. He covered his head and shouted, "For God's sake, stop reeling!"

    About that time I finally was able to force the bird into the water next to the canoe. We shined a flashlight on it, and it was floating on the surface on its back using one foot to try to scrape the lure off the other foot. My partner found his camera, a little Kodak (this was long before digital photography) with flashcubes, and tried to take pictures of it. The owl finally got the lure off its foot, fortunately--I was understandably reluctant to tackle a really POed owl with a five foot wingspan--and went flapping and splashing over to the bank, where it paused to glare at us as if trying to figure out which piece to take out of our hides, before disappearing in the brush.

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    Im I the duck club too, I caught one WAAAY back in the day on worms and spinning gear.

    I know a guy who on his backcast snagged something, and on the forecast it didn't go anywhere. Except the line started to head forward, then it started to spin, like those old glider airplanes on a string. Turns out he snagged a quail on the backcast and he paid it in as a toy. Pulled the hook and off it went.
    "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

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    I caught a bat with an elk hair caddis on the South Platte near Deckers. Fought pretty good on my Scott G2!

    I also caught a duck on Cottonwood Lake near Buena Vista. Took a yellow hooper and was not happy!

    “Fishing for me, as funny as it sounds, is sorta my brand of praying almost. I’m never closer to my spirituality than when I’m in the act of fishing.” - JT Van Zandt

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    Fishing at dusk once and a bat flew right into my line during my cast, startle me. I was also saltwater fishing once, just floating shrimp on a hook. Noticed my line start going up, looked up and a seagull had my shrimp in his mouth! Never hooked him, he let it go after a bit.

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    Smile Re: BATS on a Fly

    This is a funny post really.

    Lots of times, casting late evening, I will watch bats dart after my casting flies as they are in the air though I have not hooked one (I must be using the wrong fly...HAH).

    That said, I have had many fly-encounters with ducks, a blue heron, and swallows as they skim the surface for insects (again, at dusk). I have also hooked, played, landed and lost...muskrats and even beaver....and of course, my black lab that 'just had to' get into the water while I fished.

    Perhaps one of the funniest by-catches (for us, not the bird) was recently while out with a buddy. I was fly rodding while he chucked cleos (spoons) for the various pacific salmonids we have stocked in the Great Lakes. As always, there are tons of sea gulls flying around. Anyway, as I am fishing, I am alerted to the screeching and squacking of a seagull as it tumbles out of the air. I look to my buddy....who is standing surprised also....and ask "what that hell is up with the gull?'.

    He sheepishly responds...."I hooked it".

    Yep, in the casting of the cleo, the sea gull must have flown under the arch of the line....and as the bird apparently continued to fly, the line slid up until the cleo hooked the bird pulling it out of the air.

    We 'land' the gull, measure and weigh it for the record book....KIDDING!!! ...and I close its wings down to extract the hook....when "CHOMP" ....he clasps down on my thumb! Frig they got bite power.....hurt like I was bit by a shark....HAH. out of the vice-grip of his beak....took the hook out and release the gull to be heckled by his buds....while I heckled mine.

    King Joe Outa Here!

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    Default Re: BATS on a Fly

    I caught an Ibis while fishing the Miami canals in FL once. A mini flock flew right through the center of the canal during my forward false cast and I tagged one on the side. He came out of it with one less feather.

    I'm waiting for theboz (at least I think its theboz) to post his story about hooking a scuba diver on a crazy charlie.

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    Caught a pelican on a spinning lure once fishing off a pier in Venice Florida- had a great time playing him for about 2 minutes as he rose and dove around. He finally landed near me and eyed me from about 10 feet. I cut the line and he took off with my lure. Mike

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    Default Re: BATS on a Fly

    I caught a pelican on a live shrimp in Bimini. Well, actually he caught me. You just don't realize how BIG those birds are untill you get up close and personal.
    My bat was on a side stream of the Gallatin at dusk. Seems they are partial to Royal Coachmen. That also turned out to be unpleasant. The bat was'nt very happy either.
    " I'm just a cook " Casey Ryback, Under Siege

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    Default Re: BATS on a Fly

    I've had to deal with bats but I've never actually caught one.
    I did cast to and catch a sea gull once. That was a huge mistake.

    On Cape Cod you have to deal with seals.
    They watch you, often careful to keep out of sight until you hook up.
    Then they move in like lightening.
    A 600 lb seal can really make your drag sing before the tippet pops
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.” --- Horace Kephart

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