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Thread: BATS on a Fly

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    Default BATS on a Fly

    I caught a bat this morning. The stupid thing hit my fly right in mid back cast. Hit the water like a ton of bricks to. Has this ever happened to anyone or did I just catch the stupidest bat in the world? Goofy lookin little guy thats for sure.

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    Default Re: BATS on a Fly

    it sometimes(seldom) happens....with ducks too
    yellow wagtails often try to catch a dry floating on the water....

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    Default Re: BATS on a Fly

    Nice mammal! I've not had one of those yet.

    But -- I did get a mockingbird one morning casting a piece of yarn! Hilarious, I love those birds. And no, I didn't have a hook -- once he hit it he turned a promptly flew into the bushes again .

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    I'm also in the duck club. Fishing a bread fly one day for carp and not really paying attention. Before I knew it, I felt a tug that almost ripped the rod out of my hand. Apparently, a duck had swam over for a snack.
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    I bagged a swallow once on the San Juan with a #22 red hot. I think I got him mostly with the leader as he was all wrapped up. Watched him after the release and he went straight back to working the midge hatch.

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    I watched my dad catch a gull one time when I was a kid. We were casting spoons right into a scool of shad that were being chased by wipers and a gull came swooping down and grabbed a castmaster instead of a shad. That was pretty funny. But the bat was pissed off and it wasn't easy getting him off the hook. He was hissing and trying to bite my forceps. I did manage to get him off the hook and back into a bush on the shore though.

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    Default Re: BATS on a Fly

    I've never actually hooked a bat, but I used to have them going after the fly especially around dusk. But it has been awhile. Unfortunately, nowadays we have fewer bats in MA because of the bat white nose fungus and we have an extraordinary amount of mosquitos.

    Speaking about ducks, 30+ years ago my brothers and I were fishing a group of ponds that was newly opened for fishing. Almost immediately, one brother caught a duck, which squawked and carried on so that everyone came running. Ever since then fishing has not been allowed and the story of the incident continues to be told at the location's visitor center.

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    Default Re: BATS on a Fly

    Caught a bat on the Battenkill River ! Took the fly on the way to the backcast. And it flew all over the place with my fly line until I realized what had happened! Not fun getting the hook out!
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    I caught one once... while casting he grabbed the fly, crashed in the water.. I was going to try to get the hook out of it, brought it close, hooked my stats to the fly and looked, but it was only holding on to it... must have liked it too - he did not want to let go

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    Default Re: BATS on a Fly

    I've had them swoop to take my fly twice while float tubing a lake at dusk. And a fishing buddy has caught one at least once- maybe more.

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