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Thread: Family Pond

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    Default Family Pond

    First post here. Haven't fly fished in several years. Brushing up on my skills before a redfish trip this week. I had forgotten how much fun the fly rod can be. These were caught at my brother's pond.

    Used my wife's grandfather's 9' 7wt fiberglass rod with a sinking tip line for a couple of bass. The rod is probably at least 40 years old, kind of slow but still fun

    Used my custom 8 1/2' 4wt and dry flies for a couple of pretty decent bluegill

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    Default Re: Family Pond

    first off, welcome to the forum
    a fine group of folks here with a ton of great info
    on anything and everything.
    secondly, love the family pond, looks very productive
    and like a lotta fun
    lastly, love the vintage glass rod, i love fishing glass
    and thats a beauty
    whats the last rod? looks winston green to me



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    The 4wt was made by a Winston employee, my brother in law's nephew about 12 years ago. Not technically a Winston but pretty darn close.

    It was for my 40th birthday from my lovely wife!!!

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    Default Re: Family Pond

    Welcome to the forum! Congrats on the great looking fish!

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