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    Default Re: What is your one fish

    I have to pick two.

    Trout and small mouth,,,,,,,,,and in streams or rivers.

    I'm just a better stream fisherman than I am a lake fisherman. Not that I don't enjoy the lake, but just looking at that big sheet of water I think 'were in the H are the fish !@?

    On a stream I know..or at least I know were they 'should be.' I seem to have a good sense for every little pocket, seam or anything that will hold a fish. The lakes takes that away from me.
    I find my meal by finding my meal's meal.

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    Default Re: What is your one fish

    Quote Originally Posted by john montana View Post
    I am a carp guy and 'em,

    That said...I'd go Redfish.

    I'd say to stick with carp, dude! All your pix make me want to start with the carp fly thing? I can't make my mind up whether a 7wt or 8wt?

    You have made a common, abundant fish something wonderful to go after with a fly rod and flies. You see them in shallow water (like sight fishing for bonefish at Belize) why a stinkin' redfish?

    My brother has a big saltwater boat ......... but I still fish for bluegills 99% of the time!

    My vote: Bluegills on a fly rod!

    Most Red fishermen use a heavy spin with a float and a Gulp bait! Fly rods are at a real disadvantage when you target them!

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    Default Re: What is your one fish

    Easy to answer for me:


    They are found nearly everywhere and mostly eat insects -- ideal for fly rod.

    Redfish are fun though....but they require heavier tackle and a few hours of driving.

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