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    well this seems pretty simple if you dont like to catch carp dont fish for them. doesnt mean you have to get on the forum and act like a jackass to people who do. but then this is the internet and internet cowboys are unavoidable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chipgerrard View Post
    Don't waste your time. What a garbage fish.

    The hardly ever bite and even if they do they barely fight and are a slimy stinky fish. The are right up at the top of the list with the Goby for fish that we should kill
    Tool, never asked your opinion.

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    Default Re: Carp - Never tried it, pointers?

    I don't know if I'd call common carp and grass carp invasive. I know that Asian carp are very invasive. We have then in or waters here and they pretty much destroy all the vegetation and there's something about their gills that allows them to not let nymphs and other small crustaceans escape when filtering. However, an Asian carp is very fun on a spinning rod. I can only imagine how fun they would be on the fly... Also they replicate like no other fish that I've ever seen and get big fast..

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