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    Default Finally hooked my first carp!!!!

    yes I intended to use all caps because I did yell it as I typed it!

    This saturday, I hooked onto my first two carp.

    Here's the story:

    So I go to my local bayou and arrived to be discouraged as I saw the scene of some really fast moving current, high water, and no tails or feeding activity. I told myself that I would just go back home, but something told me to go walk and check out how the rising water had affected some various spots along the bayou.

    I came across this one section of the bayou where there is a sort of side street where the water is much calmer and I figured that this would offer some relief from the fast current. Wow was my hunch correct! I was there for about 3 hours as the carp rolled, fed, and cruised; tails up and backs exposed. I should have taken pictures, but was enjoying the first time I was able to sight cast to these elusive fish.

    after some time, I cast my fly perfectly into a ball of carp and I feel the quick take of the carp. My body reacted as I set the hook but everything slowed down in my mind. I couldn't believe that all the work I had put in during my 10 week vacation towards catching this fish had finally paid off. This fish was BEAUTIFUL. I saw the beautiful gold color of it's back and was overjoyed when I saw that it's back was the size of my thigh. This had to be a 10 pounder. The fish went left to right a few times and that is when I got the WORST IDEA EVER!!!

    I told myself, "since i've worked my ass off for this fish, I'm gonna enjoy this fight." with my 6wt mangrove bent over, I managed to lead it onto the main canal current so that it could run and take my konic to it's backing for the first time. Two second later, the bend in my rod goes worst fear had been confirmed as I reeled the slack in; my beautiful fish managed to get off.

    I didn't even finish reeling in my line. I just stood there with nothing but disbelief and joy to keep me company.

    maybe five minutes passed by.....maybe 20. I'm not sure. Once I did regain my sanity, I kept casting to the carp and managed one more hook up. That hook up was much less dramatic as the fish spit out the fly 2 seconds after I set the hook.

    All this happened saturday and For the past two nights, I've dreamt of nothing more than carp. What makes this worse is that I recently entered a tournament at my local orvis shop where I could win some gear for the ugliest carp or the smallest carp.

    What I've learned:

    1. carp are my new number one favorite fish
    2. Never be so greedy
    3. rain is a good thing at my local fishery
    4. Never be so greedy
    5. I am not that bad a fly fisher (when I can find the fish)
    6. Never be so greedy
    7. Pay attention to your instincts ( or hunches, whatever)
    8. Never be so greedy
    9. It is possible to catch these elusive fish

    apologize for the long read, but it's been a tough few months working towards hooking these fish and an even tougher couple of days. I can only take solace in knowing that it's possible and that I know where to find them now.

    tight lines and thanks for all the advice offered on this forum,

    a ruined fly fisher

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    Default Re: Finally hooked my first carp!!!!

    Congrats on the hook ups, a good start for sure.

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    Default Re: Finally hooked my first carp!!!!

    As I read your report, I was really expecting (hoping) to see a photo or at least read that you landed one. Oh well. But then, your title said "hooked" not "caught". Keep at it.

    By the way, what type of fly did you use?

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    Default Re: Finally hooked my first carp!!!!

    I would love nothing more than for that picture to be you said....ill keep at it

    Heres the fly

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    Default Re: Finally hooked my first carp!!!!

    Great report of the action. I learned the hard way on almost every species I've fish for and what I know after all the years is this; never prolong a fishes fight, land them asap and get on to the next. The fish that will peel off your backing will come all by itself and probably when you least expect it too.

    Go get em,


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: Finally hooked my first carp!!!!

    Nice! I'm still trying to figure out carp in my area. It's a tough battle to get there...

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    Default Re: Finally hooked my first carp!!!!

    I hooked a couple carp so far, but haven't TRULY landed one yet. Got two of them head up right by shore there's a steep embankment and they really got to be rubbing the rock in order to grab them. Line snapped when my buddy grabbed it to grab the fish.

    The ones around me get to about 25lbs in this small-ish reservoir. As soon as you set the hook, they drag about 100-150ft of line and then dog it out in the center of the reservoir.

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    Default Re: Finally hooked my first carp!!!!

    I have come to love carp. I feel sorry for those who scoff because theyre really missing out! Theyre hard to catch so they are a real reward when they do bite. And they get really large! They live in the ugliest and prettiest places on earth.
    I was lucky enough to tussle with this guy today

    Hand crafted wood fly boxes.

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    Default Re: Finally hooked my first carp!!!!

    Im so jealous....


    Ive been hoping for rain all week so that I can fish the same canal this weekend.

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    Default Re: Finally hooked my first carp!!!!

    Well you're way ahead of me having hooked into two Carp! Congrats for figuring out where they might be and how to cast to them, from the sounds of it you will be landing them left and right before no time.


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