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    Default bass + fly rod = fun!

    So I went to a farm pond that I knew had some big bass in it. Last time I went I only caught one, but ended up catching about 8 in thirty minutes.All were released unharmed.

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    Default Re: bass + fly rod = fun!

    Very nice! What fly/flies were you using?

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    Default Re: bass + fly rod = fun!

    Wow! Those are some nice fish! Congrats.

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    Default Re: bass + fly rod = fun!

    Very nice! Time to change your screen name to basschaser8....

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    Default Re: bass + fly rod = fun!

    Nice mess of bass. That much action on a fly rod in such a short time span must have been awesome !
    I'd bet you will be going back again soon to say hi to those fish....wish I was going there with you
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    Default Re: bass + fly rod = fun!

    Nice LMBs!! So cool how they take on a lighter color in the clearer ponds ! Congrats on a action packed 30 minutes!!
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    What rod are do you use if you mind me asking? I'm looking into getting a fly rod for bass.

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    Default Re: bass + fly rod = fun!

    nc_cooter - I was using a chartruse Boogle bullet and a chartruse and white clouser

    Trapstar - I was using my 4wt because my 6wt broke. I use the 6wt Winston for most of my bass fishing, but a 7wt would probably throw big bass flies easier. Thanks for all of the great replies!
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