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    Default Little frustrating

    Hot a sunny on the main lake and not to many smallmouth were coming up to play.Towards dusk the smallies were going nuts, busting baby kiacks on the surface.I tried 3/4 different top water flies and not even a splash from a fish.I figured a gurgler would work the best but nothing...
    Gave up and went up steam, where getting some power pro out the water, helped me catch my biggest smallie of the evening.

    [ame= rjQwSRnjvmBbg]Good deed gets the smallmouth - YouTube[/ame]

    I sometimes believe in Karma or at least it's fun to think about.
    I thought I knew how to get the youtube picture without the link...forgot

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    Hey! Nice job! Beautiful fish.
    Hand crafted wood fly boxes.

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    nice video! would that happen to be the cabelas three forks/prestige plus combo you were using? I just bought one this morning in 8 wt

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    Good video, lovely fish, thanks for sharing Well done on clearing the old line
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    Well done, congrats on the great looking fish!


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    Nice fish...heading out tomorrow to go after some smalllies as well.

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    What a pretty Smallmouth ! Outstanding colors and fight! Plus you gained a Pop-R! Good deal!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pikefisher69 View Post
    nice video! would that happen to be the cabelas three forks/prestige plus combo you were using? I just bought one this morning in 8 wt
    Nope, gloomis shorestalker 7wt, Ross fly start reel.
    First year going fly only and I'm used to bringing the fish right in with bait casting gear.
    I know this rod is alittle heavy and I'm looking at maybe trying a 4wt(+\-) one.
    Really want the one in the classified section, held back though.

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