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We we are the San Gabriel River, just outside of Georgetown.
Good to hear, I'd have guessed a ways west of there.

I actually drove over that spot tonight, every time I do I think of the good fishing reports I've heard from there.

The last time I fished below the PK dam on the Brazos, the Whites were acting like they were spawning, but this was during january or february, so that almost definitely couldn't have been the case. I managed over 30 bass non-green bass that day. I think about 1/3 of them were juvenile stripers, but I KNOW they were killin my baby striper clouser.

Hook- size 6 (size 8-2/0 will produce)
Eyes- Chromed hour-glass-brass
Belly- white bucktail
Middle- Bluish KF
Back- Grey bucktail
Top- Black KF