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    Default Son in law's first fish on the fly

    My new son in law has recently taken up fishing so I gave him a fly rod that I had. It's nothing special and the price was right for him. He put new backing and line on it. Got some instruction from Bass Pro and has tried a few times.

    I took him crappie fishing this morning and had him bring the fly rod. The crappie weren't cooperating so I had him rig up the fly rod to see what he could do. I'm definitely not an instructor but I did manage to help him out and he started casting better.

    We decided to try the crappie again but they still weren't cooperating. Decided to get the float tube out so he could try that with the fly rod. Low and behold, he caught his first fish on the fly!!!! It was a small large mouth. Needless to say he was pretty proud. He's pretty motivated right now. I think he may become a fly fisherman. I'm glad to help him.

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    Default Re: Son in law's first fish on the fly

    That's great, you are doing a good thing by helping him to learn and enjoy a new way to have fun. Since this is the first post from you I have read I'll say.........................

    Welcome to the forum, you sound like a good fellow.


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    Default Re: Son in law's first fish on the fly

    Congrats! I'm sure he is grinning fron ear to ear having landed that first bass on a fly rod.


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    Default Re: Son in law's first fish on the fly

    Welcome to the forum and kudos for helping to introduce another angler to fly fishing. Sounds like this may be the start of many enjoyable moments for the two of you.
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    Thumbs up Re: Son in law's first fish on the fly

    Does anybody not remember their first significant fish on a fly rod?
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    Default Re: Son in law's first fish on the fly

    Trust me.. the kid is addicted

    My first fish on the fly was a 16" smallie on a black deer hair popper. At the age of 15, I thought I had a shark on, lol. That's a high I'm always chasing.
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