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    Default Re: Today's Still water mayfly hatch

    You might find this article by the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer helpful:

    Hungry for Hex: Minnesota DNR

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    Default Re: Today's Still water mayfly hatch

    Thanks, diamond rush. You know, we have a similar trout river in Missouri called the niangua. Rainbow and brown are stocked and their is somewhat of a natural reproducing population. What's funny is that it's more of a warmer, cold water river, reaching temperatures to the upper 70s. But still, Browns and rainbows thrive. I would say that the same technique would work on that river. I will have to give it a try. I like to swing a five weight spey rod for trout because it's just a blast, but this might have me swinging a dry hex pattern or even breaking out the single hand six weight Winston and having a bit of single hand fun.

    What thrilled me the most about seeing the hatch, or remnants of the hatch, was just that. I hadn't seen a hatch before. I like to swing emerger patterns and other streamer patterns by throwing across river and mending upstream. This allows for the fly to sink and at the end of the swing it starts to rise, like an emerging bug attempting to hatch.

    That being said, it's awesome to find patterns that I can fish on the local ponds and not have to rely on patterns like the clouser minnow, or the woolly bugger. Instead, I can fish neater patterns, like this hex, for largemouth and rising catfish. Its just spectacular. I fish at least three days a week and I always see something new.

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