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    Looking at a GL3 8wt, primarily for bass. Anyone using this rod? I am looking for a fairly fast action rod.

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    Fantastic rod. One heck of a powerhouse but still very capable with the smaller stuff. Took a six weight to a local river once flinging the big stuff which it is very capable of. Unfortunately, the fish were keyed in on a hatch of about size 22 bwo's. This rod was laying those down nicely too.
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    The Loomis GL3 is really an underated rod. It's a very good rod for the money. I believe it is a medium-fast rod by todays fast rods like their GLX. My very first good quality rod was a GL3 5wt that I bought 12 years ago and still use it for guiding. I use it sfor casting 3" weighted clousers at short distance "flicking" casting and handles smallies at that weight perfectly. It's mainly used it for trout fishing using weighted buggers and large dries now, but still cast smaller dries like EHC's with ease. I've casted the GL3 8wt, never fished with it and still had that same feel as my 5wt. There is a reason why Loomis would keep the same blank for so many years, it's because it works and a good way to get fly anglers into their line up of rods. The GLX is a faster action rod then the GL3 by a long ways. I don't see any reason why you would have any problems using it for bass and other warm water species like pike and smaller musky.
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