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Thread: Summer carpin

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    Great pictures as always John
    Caught some two weekends ago fishing a new river with a crayfish pattern.
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    I don't know if any of you fellas have tried them, but freshwater snails are popular with carp over here. An artificial might be worth trying??
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    Wonderful pix! I am finally going to catch some "golden bones" in my local Susquehanna.

    Heat spell, and rain tomorrow, but this coming week will be fall like and 70 temps. The river has settled down and I have my 8 wt all set to go. I've tied a bunch of carp flies, but my absolute fave is a lead eye or chain eye woolybugger.

    I see you fish the great lakes? I'll bet the Susquehanna has even more common carp! The carp have over run the river, and I'll have a little fun with my fly rod!

    Next week, report and pix to follow!

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    Rick have you fished the susky before for carp? thats where i caught the one from earlier and had a blast there

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    This may be a silly question, but is it the heat that makes summer carp lose there fight? I caught a few 10lb ish carp the in July that just sort of floated in like dead weight.

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    Water temp has a lot to do with it. Out here it never gets too warm, so they actually fight really well in the summer months...when the water is cooler they don't fight nearly as well. Might be too warm?
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